Friends- Bhangarh

I found them seated right where the Bhangarh Fort ruins starts. Both were busy with their conversation and enjoying chillum.

Friends….inside Bhangarh Fort click to enlarge the picture

What are you doing? (to the man)

Just sitting here and watching the buffaloes graze

Do you visit this place to collect the wood? (finding the axe placed close to him)

(Looked perplexed) hmm

What’s you name?

Prahalad Bairwa

Do you live close by?


Are you resident of Gola ka bas village?


The Lady who was sitting closely interuptted

But I’m Maali (meaning she was from a different caste than the man)

So you come here everyday?


You bring the buffaloes for grazing? (pointing towards buffaloes grazing around)

she nodded

How many buffaloes you own?


Have you ever seen ghosts around here?

She pointed the fingers towards the palace ruins located further inside but didn’t comment, which meant she was not sure.

She pulled out another chillum and started smoking, I understood its time to leave!

Enjoying chillum & great weather…at Bhangarh Fort

Village people are quite content and happy even in the adverse situations. They are God fearing and follow religious & social rituals which often drain off their financial resources. They are quite simple and accepts the situations as their destiny!


10 thoughts on “Friends- Bhangarh

    1. There are lot of spooky videos floating around claiming to be filmed in Bhangarh even though on closer inspection they are from different country or don’t match the location. Recently a Bollywood movie by name of bhangarh was also released which was shot in Bhangarh. The crew claims to have experienced something spooky while shooting there but who knows if that is just a publicity stunt?

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      1. All I can add is that there is something eerie about this place. You can experience this when you are alone..Do try to make it over there early in the morning!

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    1. You think so? Although I love conversations, but I don’t think I’m a good story teller or that I can weave around words.
      I started this series of conversation with common people, but given paucity of time I haven’t been able to post as much as I would want to. I hope with onset of summer seson I would be able to do so.
      You guys should visit bhangarh, it’s a great place. Don’t worry nothing is paranormal over there. I have been there couple of times and if given an opportunity I’ll jump in for one more time. ūüôā

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      1. Basil doesn’t need an invitation if ‘paranormal’ is in the same sentence. Hehe! He’s already thought about it. I think I’ll pass. I can’t take a risk with something I don’t understand. ūüôā
        I’ve enjoyed and had some of the best conversations with locals. Their perspective of life is very different. There’s much to learn.

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