Everything You Need To Know About Bhangarh Fort – India’s Most Haunted Place

Popularity of Bhangrah Fort is increasing with every passing day. I have visited Bhangarh Fort many times over the last few years. Earlier it was merely a fort ruin and a picnic spot. As the stories of Bhangarh Fort ghosts went around, it started attracting large number of tourists and travelers. I believe social media and travel bloggers have contributed towards making Bhangarh Fort a sought after site. Bhangarh Fort is popular as India’s most haunted place.

Here is a guide on Bhangarh Fort to help you plan your trip to Bhangarh Fort.

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haunted place in india bhangarh

Bhangarh Fort Location?

Bhangarh Fort is situated in Alwar district, Rajasthan close to Sariska National Park/ Sariska Tiger Reserve.


Things to see and do in Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh was once a thriving town but now Bhangarh Fort complex consists of a palace ruin along with few havelis and a roof-less bazaar along with a market, and temples. While some temples are still in use others are abandoned and are devoid of idols. Two prominent temples which are still functioning are Hanuman temple and Shiva Temple. Gopinath Temple which is biggest of all is out of use.


Gopinath Temple in Bhangarh Fort




Bhangarh Fort entry fee?

Thanfully, there is no entry ticket for Bhangarh Fort. Entry to the fort ruins is free for all.



Bhangarh Fort Timings

Bhangarh Fort can be visited anytime from sunrise to sunset. Entry to Bhangarh Fort is prohibited after sunset. Bhangarh Fort is maintained by ASI.


Bhangrah Fort History

Bhangarh was founded in 16th century by Maharajah Bhagwant Das of Amer for his second son Madho Singh I,  younger brother of Man Singh I who was general of the famous Mughal ruler Akbar. It is believed that either people of Bhangarh migrated or famished due to the famine in 18th century although the popular legends and stories Bhangarh Fort have something else to say!


 Bhangarh Fort Story and Legends

There are four popular stories behind Bhangarh Fort.

As per local legends Bhangarh was cursed by Baba Balu Nath. He allowed construction of Bhangarh Fort on a condition that shadow of the fort will not reach his place otherwise his curse will come into play -Bhangarh will be destroyed. One of the prince without paying any heed to this curse raised palace walls which started casting a shadow on Balu Nath’s retreat. Locals claim that Baba Balu Nath’s samadhi, a burial place still exists.

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bhangarh rani ratnawati

There’s yet another story behind Bhangarh Fort with characters called Ratnavati, the Princess of Bhangarh and a tantric Singhia. As soon as Ratnavati came of age she started receiving marriage proposals. Singhia, a tantric expert in black magic, fell in love with the princess. He knew getting Ratnawati won’t be easy so he devised a plan to attract her. Once he saw the princesses’ maid in the market buying oil for the princess. Singhia added a spell to the oil to seduce Ratnawati. Upon  consuming this oil, Ratnawati would surrender to him. Ratnawati was also an  expert in occult and black magic, she spotted Singhia in the act. She threw the ointment on a boulder which then crushed Singhia. In his dying breath the tantric cursed Bhangarh town and those who lived in it.

Two more theories behind the decline of Bhangarh Fort also exists. As per the first one, Bhangarh was destroyed in a war against Ajabgarh which is close by. The second one suggests that it fell out of place because of a prolonged drought.

It is very difficult to establish whether these stories on Bhangarh Fort are true or not in the absence of evidences or records.


Is Bhangarh Fort haunted?

I have visited Bhangarh Fort many times. Frankly, I have never experienced any paranormal activity at Bhangarh Fort. One does experiences an eerie feeling at Bhangarh Fort.  Of late, Bhangarh Fort has become a tourist spot. You are unlikely to experience anything in such scenario except a picnic spot!


Haunted incidents at Bhangarh Fort?

Internet is full of haunted incidents at Bhangarh Fort. You will find many  Bhangarh Fort haunted videos, but I’m sure none of them are real. A few that I saw were not even shot in Bhangarh Fort! I have never encountered anyone who claims to have experienced paranormal activity at Bhangarh Fort. Many famous personas, actors and TV presenters also claim to have experienced haunted incidents at Bhangarh Fort. I’m not sure how true these incidents are unless they were scientifically analyzed.



Bhangarh Fort Experience

With popularity of Bhangarh Fort on a steady rise as the most haunted place in India, tourists and travelers throng Bhangarh Fort for ghost experience. It is very popular among domestic tourists especially the ones living in Delhi and NCR region because of the proximity; many visit Bhangarh Fort expecting to witness ghosts and paranormal activities. With so many people around one cannot really expect ghosts to show themselves up!! I don’t think this place is worth visiting with steady stream of people swarming all around the place. Visiting Bhangarh Fort on a public holiday or a long weekend is a bad idea.




I don’t recommend visiting Bhangarh Fort after sunset to experience the paranormal activities or ghosts. Please note that Bhangarh Fort is surrounded by a forest and it is not uncommon for the wild animals to venture into Bhangarh Fort complex. Hyena and leopards are some of the wild animals reported in the area. Sariska Tiger Reserve is in a close vicinity. I will suggest you not to visit Bhangarh Fort at night.


Bhangarh Fort is a popular place to engage in witchcraft and black magic. Bangles, nail polish, cloth pieces etc are strewn around at many spots inside the Fort. Locals claim that Sadhus and Babas frequent Bhangarh Fort for this very purpose, often at odd hours.

Locals at Bhangarh Fort have many stories to talk but none on Ghosts!


Nail polish bottle and witch craft! Bhangarh Fort

Where to stay in Bhangarh Fort?

Bhangarh Fort has no option for an overnight stay.  The best option to stay near Bhangarh Fort is either at Alwar or Sariska. There are many hotels and resorts near Sariska Tiger Reserve. Other options? stay at Jaipur or Dausa. Jaipur is well connected with wide variety of accommodation. Recently, a small hotel near Bhangarh Fort has come up offering limited rooms and meal option by the name Hotel Raj Palace. Do not expect anything beyond basic.

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How to reach Bhangarh Fort?

For those who are wondering how to go to Bhangrah Fort, Delhi and Jaipur offers best transit point with good transport connectivity. Both cities have well developed infrastructure of transport and accommodation.

Bhangarh Fort by train from Delhi – You can board a train from Delhi to either Alwar or Dausa. From Dausa or Alwar you can hire a taxi. Bhangarh Fort can also be reached by taking a train or flight to Jaipur. Bhangarh to Jaipur is just 90 km and can be planned as a day trip.


Bhangarh Fort Distance by road- Distance of Bhangarh Fort from Jaipur is close to 90 km. Best option is via Dausa on NH 21 and then on to state highway 55 via Sainthal dam. Distance of Bhangarh Fort from Delhi is around 250 Km. The best option is via Alwar using NH 48 and Rajgarh using state highway no 25.

Bhangarh Fort by public transport – Bhangarh Fort can be reached by bus or shared jeeps from both Dausa and Alwar. Buses from Jaipur and Delhi are available often to both these towns. The nearest village to Bhangarh Fort is Gola Ka Bas. From Alwar, you can hire a shared jeep to Gola Ka Bas via Tehla route. Alternative route is via Ajabgarh.


Best time to visit Bhangarh Fort?

Best time to visit Bhangarh Fort is on weekdays. Bhangarh Fort on Sunday is quite like a picnic spot with too many visitors and tourists. In my opinion, best time to visit Bhangarh Fort is during winters before 12 PM.

Places to visit near Bhangarh Fort

You can visit Ajabgarh Fort, Chand Baori, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Alwar among prominent places. During monsoon you can also explore Sainthal Dam near Bhangarh Fort.

Sainthal Dam near Bhangarh Fort

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Most haunted place in India Bhangarh Fort rajasthan


87 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Bhangarh Fort – India’s Most Haunted Place

  1. Why is it always so-called celebrities, spook hunters etc who experience para-normal activity. I’ve been in some weird places in my time and apart from the wind blowing or maybe the odd door caught by the wind, I’ve never experienced any paranormal activity.

    I can see why you would not visit at night…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mike, one of the popular national TV channel conducted in depth analysis at this site with paranormal hunters along with commonly used instruments during mid night – they found nothing! My reason is simple- wild animals stray in this site because it is close to a national wildlife park.


    1. Somali, during my visit last month a new hotel has come up but I’m not sure if that is safe. I will recommend you to do this trip either via Delhi or Jaipur. Jaipur is around one and half hour drive only. the city is well connected with all major cities. I will recommend you to visit Bhangarh before we lose it to mindless “ghost inspired” tourists!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard about Bhangarh Fort and how popular it is with tourists. But never knew it had a haunted story behind it and that’s a reason why so many people are visiting it these days. From your shots, the place does look like it was built in another time and naturally you would feel like you were in another world – that could contribute to the eerie feeling. Or who knows, maybe there are paranormal activity around that affects selected people.

    You mentioned that entry is prohibited after hours. But it sounds like some people do still go there at night? If so, they really do so at their own risk what with all those wild animals that can be wandering around. It also doesn’t look like a place that is well lit and to get there you are really driving along a dark, lonely road.

    Hope you have been well, Arv.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mabel, Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and concern. I have been to Bhangarh many times over now. I don’t think jumping the prohibition is a good idea. I think social media has made Bhangarh Fort quite popular. So many youngster visit this place because they have heard haunted stories and seen pictures of their friends at this place. Looks like this place will become even more popular in times to come.
      Thanks for care, Mabel..I didn’t have any problem. How have you been? Haven’t seen you around for quite some time. Been buys?


      1. Nice to hear you’ve been to Bhangarh many times. Maybe there are times where it is quieter and you might find it more peaceful then. Perhaps many of us like haunted because there’s a kind of mystery about it, something so, so different beyond our imaginations.

        I’ve been not too bad, Arv. Busy, busy 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Certainly, this is better to visit when it’s peaceful, Mabel. Ah! Too bad that you have been very busy. Is that usual through out the year or its exception now?


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