Sri Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur…..Spectacular!

Yesterday we all celebrated Diwali, a major Hindu festival….festival of lights and celebrations. Today, I visited Sri Ram Chandra Temple in Jaipur when celebrations of Goverdhan Puja were in full swing.

According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is marked with the return of Lord Rama from exile of 14 years. As per the popular practice, Goddess Laxmi is worshiped on this day. I’m not sure why Lord Ram is not worshiped on this auspicious day. Is it because of materialistic side of human nature?

I visited, the only temple dedicated to Lord Rama or Ram in Jaipur. The temple is called Sri Ramchandra Mandir.

shri ramchamdra temple in jaipur at chandpole bazar
Beautiful workmanship around the entrance gate of Sri Ram Chandra Temple, Jaipur. As seen from Chandpole Bazar.

Queen of Jaipur, Maaji Sahiba under the rule of Sawai Ram Singh II  constructed Sri Ram Chandra temple in 19th century. Details are not available on year of completion of this temple. As per locals, the temple is 150 year old.

Paintings on the wall of inner  entrance gate of Sri Ram chandra Temple.

The temple is  run and maintained by the family of  priest residing in temple complex. Priest claims that this temple was handed over by the King to his great-grandfather and his lineage is responsible for the upkeep and affairs of the temple. I’m not sure how far this is true, as a habit  priest tends to add their own versions to suit themselves!! The temple complex is home to his family and the first courtyard is kind of shabby and unkempt.

First view of  inner courtyard. Sri Ram Chandra temple, Jaipur

The Sri Ram Chandra Temple is built-in Haveli style. The inner courtyard is quite majestic. The architecture and style give an impression of a royal palace.

Beautifully painted walls inside the inner courtyard
heritage temples of jaipur sri ramchandra mandir jaipur
Another view of the courtyard,  facing entrance. Sri Ram Chandra Temple, Jaipur

Here are few pictures of the sanctum of Sri Ramchandra Temple, which has beautiful frescoes adorning the ceiling and walls.

Inside Sri Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur
Beautiful Sanctum of  Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur
temple of Rama in india
Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur

The walls depicts the scenes from Ramayana. Many of these are famous scenes like the one with Lord Rama returning back to his kingdom in Ayodhya  after 14 years of exile. Here are few pictures.

scenes from Ramayana and painting of figures of royalty. Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur
Scenes from Ramayana. Sri Ram Chandra Temple, Jaipur
Beautiful paintings and depictions from Ramayana. The palace in the background is lookalike of City Palace, Jaipur.  Sri Ramchandra temple,Jaipur
Scenes from Ramayana, beautifully depicted in this painting. Sri Ram Chandra temple, Jaipur

The priest claim that this is the only temple having Ram Darbar in Jaipur. He goes on to add that the only other temple having Ram Darbar in entire North India is the one in Ayodhya, a city that Lord Rama once ruled!


Sanctum. Sri Ramchandra Temple,Jaipur

Here are some more elements from the temple, which shows the top-notch workmanship!

Cobra and lotus designs carved on the pillars at Sri Ram Chandra Temple, Jaipur
Beautiful gate pillars. Sri Ram Chandra temple, Jaipur
carving and painting on the wall. Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur

The people were waiting for the aarti to be performed.

People waiting patiently for the Aarti and darshan

Timings of Sri Ramchandra Mandir, Jaipur

One can have darshan or blessings five times in a day. These timings are pre-fixed and varies from season to season.

Here are pictures of Aarti in progress.

Aarti in progress. Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur
Another view of Aarti being performed at Sri Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur
Devotees lined up during Aarti. Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur
close up of Aarti being performed in Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur

Sri Ramchandra Temple is certainly one of its kind, being the only temple dedicated to Lord Ram in Jaipur. Its beautiful and has been maintained reasonably well. There is another temple in Jaipur with similar name, located near Hawa Mahal, but it’s dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Sri Ramchandra temple, Jaipur

Do visit this temple, if you are in Jaipur.

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28 thoughts on “Sri Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur…..Spectacular!

    1. Thanks Ladyfi! This architecture style is not being carried forward in construction patterns anymore here in Jaipur! I don’t know whether this is a sad aspect or we need to move on!


    1. Yes, Jaipur has lots of layers that needs to be uncovered…..Most tourist just scrap the exposed part….while the chunk of it still lays hidden!
      I’m also discovering new things….every time! Jaipur has a very rich history and large part of it has been documented by the royal court or recorded by individuals!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank You Arvi for this beautiful post and exceptional photos.The paintings depicting scenes from the Ramayana are amazing! It is interesting to know that that the only other temple in North India having Ram Durbar is the one in Ayodhya. A special thank you for the Arti photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you liked these photos. As for Ram durbar, this information was given by the priest, I cannot verify this claim though. I assume it must be true. This aarti was a special one -on Goverdhan, Diwali.


    1. Most of such temples, built by royal family are pretty ornate mostly by architectural construction or frescoes. there are quite a lot of them in city, some have been featured here on my blog as well! Thanks for checking it out!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Parul, It is an old post…2 years to be precise! Of late, many people have started worshiping only Laxmiji! I guess we are becoming more and more materialistic! I’m sure there must be even greater following for Lord Ram in UP since Ayodhya is in UP!

      Liked by 1 person

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