Goverdhan Nathji Temple, Jaipur

goverdhan nathji hawa mahal
Hawa Mahal complex courtyard

Goverdhan Nath ji temple is located in Hawa Mahal complex,Jaipur.

Even though it shares the common entrance with Hawa Mahal, this temple has a quite understated presence. To begin with, there is no marking or sign boards on the main road- Tripolia Bazaar to proclaim the presence of this temple.

On entering the Hawa Mahal complex courtyard,all you see is tourists,bound for Hawa Mahal, but no signages to guide you to the temple. Goverdhan Nathji  temple is located at the far end on the right side of the courtyard,facing west direction.

goverdhannathji entrance
Entrance to Goverdhan Nath Temple from Hawa Mahal complex

Goverdhan Nath ji temple dates back to  the year 1790.The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna & Radha. Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh,commissioned  this temple. The temple was constructed with Hawa Mahal, simultaneously. In a way, this temple is also associated with world famous Hawa Mahal. Since both these structures are interlinked,one of the exits of Hawa Mahal leads out through this temple complex.

When I visited this temple, the sanctum was closed for the public. As is tradition in most of old & famous temples in Jaipur,there are fixed timings when one can have darshan of the Lord Krishna.The temple is open for public 6 times a day, each slot lasting for half an hour. I met the current manager of the temple,Mr Pareek, he commented that  this temple is dedicated to the Baal Krishna (Lord Krishna in the child form). At present, the temple has been leased out to kama based trust.Otherwise, it is under the Devesthan Department (under the Rajasthan government).


govardhannathji temple jaipur
Beautiful paintings near entrance to main courtyard. Goverdhan Nath Temple, Jaipur


The temple has exquisite paintings on the wall, although lack of maintenance is quite evident.The style of painting is local.The work and engraving on marble pillars is typical to Jaipur style of architecture. There are two marble tigers (called naahar in local Rajasthani language) on both sides of the entrance gate to main temple courtyard. govardhannathji temple 1This temple has been built using Haveli style of architecture.Many other temples built in and around same time frame in Jaipur share this architectural style like Ramchandraji Temple located in Sirahdyodi Bazar.The temple has two courtyards

goverdhannathji outside
Outer courtyard. Goverdhan nath temple, Jaipur
goverdhan nathji chowk
Main courtyard inside Goverdhan Nath templs, Jaipur

Although this temple doesn’t have elaborate & ornate construction style, but it does have impressive local design elements.This is evident in above picture,which clearly shows workmanship in pillars, faux jharokhas etc.

govardhan nathji temple
Beautiful workmanship destroyed by shoddy paintwork.

Located in the South west corner, on the first floor is another small temple.The temple is dedicated to Lord Vallabh & Radha.This temple is quite small & very simple. The priest, Om ji commented that temple walls were once adorned with beautiful paintings.However, over course of years these paintings were replaced with simple paint on the wall.Here is the picture of the idols,

goverdhannathji temple

The manager, Mr Pareek opined that in past, this temple was very popular among the public so much so that finding space in the courtyard at Aarti time was tough thing to do. But today owing to neglect from the authorities and bad management, things have taken a different turn.

Have a look if you’re visiting Hawa Mahal. This temple has a direct entrance from Sirehdyodi Bazaar too! Barely few steps from Hawa Mahal !


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    1. I’m happy to know that you liked Jaipur. just for your information, it’s a big centre for jewelry manufacturing & trading , including cosmetic and Commercial ones!


  1. The paintings in the temple were drawn and painted by Sh Nandkishore Sharma S/O Sh Omkar Prsad ji Sharma. He was an employee of this temple and was handicapped (one leg ). He at his own cost and time drew and painted these paintings during 1970 to 1974. He was posted at the post of Kirtaniya (musician). His intense devotion for Lord Goverdhanji was remarkable.

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    1. It’s a great piece of information and hard to get by! Is there anything more you can contribute towards this temple in terms of information?


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