Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur facade

Brijnidhi Temple, Jaipur

Brijnidhi  or Brajnidhi Temple (pronounced either ways) dates back to the year 1792 AD.

Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur - first courtyard
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur – first courtyard

It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh ji, son of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh ji 1 and grand son of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh ji 2, who founded the Jaipur city. His contribution to the city includes the famous Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and also Goverdhan Nath ji temple.

Brijnidhi temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna.

Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur facade
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur, The Facade

The grand facade of the temple is quite impressive and beautiful. However, it doesn’;t show any sign that it houses a temple inside its decorated walls. Rather it gives an illusion of a grand haveli or a palace.This style of construction is quite common in the heritage temples built by the Jaipur royalty.

brajnidhi temple jaipur entrance
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur – Entrance

The temple has been built in Haveli style of architecture. There are two courtyards in the temple complex, called chowk  amongst the locals.

Main courtyard, Brijnidhi temple, Jaipur
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur – Main courtyard

The main courtyard in the temple complex is huge & quite imposing.

There is very interesting history behind construction of this temple. I’ll preserve this story to be communicated through this picture.

Story behind the Brijnidhi temple jaipur
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur -History behind the temple

The mandap houses a black color idol of Lord Krishna along with Radha.

Lord Krishna Idol, inside Brij Nidhi Temple, Jaipur

Despite understated and  simple mandap, you feel quite impressed with the temple architecture and can’t stop marveling the great energy radiated by the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna.

How to reach:

The temple is located in Chandni Chowk area of City Palace complex, very close to the world famous Jantar Mantar. You can easily locate this temple with help of this map.

The temple location has been marked with a red circle.

Brijnidhi temple Jaipur location
Brijnidhi temple Jaipur location

Brijnidhi temple is currently maintained by Department of Devestan  which is under the Govt of Rajasthan.


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