Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur facade

Brijnidhi Temple, Jaipur

Brijnidhi or Brajnidhi Temple in Jaipur dates back to 1792 AD and is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur - first courtyard
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur – first courtyard

It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the grandson of Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II, founder of Jaipur city. His contribution to the city includes famous Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and also Goverdhan Nath Temple.

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Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur facade

The beautiful facade of Brijnidhi Temple in Jaipur

The grand facade of the temple is quite impressive and beautiful. However, it doesn’t give any hint of housing a temple inside its decorated walls. Rather it gives an illusion of a grand Haveli or a palace. This style of construction is quite common in the heritage temples built by the Jaipur royalty.

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brajnidhi temple jaipur entrance
The entrance of Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur

The temple is patterned in Haveli style of architecture. There are two courtyards in the temple complex, which in the local language is called Chowk.

Main courtyard, Brijnidhi temple, Jaipur
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur – Main courtyard

The main courtyard of Brijnidhi Temple complex is huge & imposing.

There is a very interesting history behind the construction of this temple. I’ll preserve this story to be communicated through this picture.

Story behind the Brijnidhi temple jaipur
History of Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur

The mandap houses idol of Lord Krishna in black color along with that of Radha.

Lord Krishna Idol, inside Brij Nidhi Temple, Jaipur

Despite understated and simple mandap, it’s hard not to be impressed with the temple architecture. I felt great energy being radiated by the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna.

How to reach Brijnidhi Temple

The temple is located in Chandni Chowk in City Palace complex, close to the world-famous Jantar MantarDevesthan Vibhaag of Rajasthan Government is in charge of Brijnidhi Temple.

Timing of Brijnidhi Temple

Brijnidhi Temple can be visited throughout the day however, the darshan of idol can be availed only within the 7 windows that Lord Krishna temple follows in Jaipur, Vrindavan and elsewhere.

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      1. Not really. My own family are mostly in Kenya.My parents were born there. But my in laws have more connection there, so since being married, I have been a few times. It’s been around 5 years now though… and they only want us to go to the Punjab!

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  1. India has so many stunning religious buildings. I haven’t been to Jaipur or the Brijnidhi Temple, but I have visited some of the temples of Tamil Nadu and was particularly amazed at how these ancient centres were in constant use by hoards of pilgrims for worship.

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    1. Fiona, well said! India has incredibly huge number of temples spread across the country. Each region has it’s own architecture style. The one in South India follow different pattern Temples at Madurai and Thanjore are quite famous. There are even more ornate and beautiful temples than Braj Nidhi temple. You can read more on them by following Heritage temples of Jaipur link on menu. Thansk for sharing your thoughts and views, Fiona!


  2. Great post about Brijnidhi temple….had been to Jaipur before, but not covered so extensively. Sure your write ups will help everyone planning to go to Rajasthan and specially to Jaipur….nice one ARV.

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    1. Thanks. There are far too many things to see for a person who has interest in history, architecture and culture. Unfortunately, in a short span you can only cover major tourist attractions. You must have visited Jaipur many year ago?


    1. In that case, I’m sure you will enjoy Jaipur and India which is completely different from Canada! Do visit whenever opportunity is available. I’m sure heritage and culture of India will amaze you1


    1. Hi Claire! Thanks for the appreciation. It happens when you have far too many heritage buildings and people only value new things. I hope you get to travel to India and experience it yourself. In which part of the world you reside, Claire?

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