jaipur street 1926

World Photo Day/Vintage pictures of Jaipur

Today is World Photo Day.

I was thinking of posting pictures shot by me to mark this day! After thinking it over, I decided to post some vintage pictures of Jaipur that were clicked from 1870’s onward. These images have been taken from different sites with a clear credit to the  respective sites at end of this post. The intention is to show Jaipur in a different era. Most of these pictures were clicked by famous photographers of their respective time like Oodeyram Gobindram , Lala Deen Dayal, Bourne & Shepherd etc.

It was Maharajah Ram Singh II (1835-1880 AD) of Jaipur who was an ardent fan of photography. He was probably first one make hundreds of prints on Jaipur with subjects like architecture, street life, local people, visitors & special occasions along with his own pictures. Apart from him, many visiting photographers from England and famous Indian and International studios have captured  Jaipur in their pictures. You can google for such pictures. I have taken liberty of posting it here as an exception to usual practice of posting picture clicked by me with a good intention.

I’ll start with  Maharajah Ram Singh II‘s picture. As per available details this picture was shot in 1877 AD.

maharajah ram singh II

Here is  a picture of Hawa Mahal or Palace of Wind as is known among the foreign tourists. This pictures dates to around 1880 AD; 80 years after it was completed.

hawa mahal

Another shot of Hawa Mahal from 1895 AD


The below picture captures Badi Chaupar overlooking Hawa Mahal and markets in the surroundings. In background, one can see Nahargarh Fort towering over the city with WELCOME written over the hill. This picture dates back to 1926 AD.

1905 hawa mahal

Another picture that captures the street and Bazaar view of Jaipur from a similar time frame. The building in pink color on the left side used to be a Haveli (mansion) which was later converted into an art school. You can find the current pictures here in this write up. Click here.

jaipur street 1926

Picture of Amer palace from 1910 AD. This palace was deserted in 1729 AD once the capital shifted from Amer to Jaipur.


Picture of visiting guests on a hunting game near Jaipur. The time is not indicated but I assume it’s from early 1900’s.

hunting game jaipur

Finally, a picture of last Maharani (queen) of Jaipur Maharani Gayatri Devi. This picture was shot in 1940’s in her new palace Rambagh Palace, which is rated as one of the best heritage hotels in India. She was very popular among masses and considered one of the most beautiful queens, ever. She passed away in 2009.

gayatri devi


I hope you liked these old pictures of Jaipur.

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The source of above pictures are reckontak.com, www.oldindianphotos.in, www.columbia.edu/, blog.chaukhat.com,.

In case, someone has objection in using any of pictures in this post, kindly contact me I will take it off.


40 thoughts on “World Photo Day/Vintage pictures of Jaipur

      1. :D:D:D your making me laugh again arv ……an interesting one tho you have to admit
        It all comes tumbling out as it is ….whatever is in my head comes tumbling out into the blogosphere:D:D:D

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  1. Beautiful pictures Arv! I have a few old photo’s of India in my family history, my Great Great Grandfather was in India (1860’s) in Kurrachee,Bombay & Maharashtra, India. A couple of my Great cousins were born there…..not a good time for India…..
    Sorry no photo’s at the river yet..I had emergency Appendectomy on Thursday..no swimming for at least a week or two! Late next week though! 🙂 T.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vintage pictures? wow that’s great…I would love to have a look at that! Sorry to hear about your emergency appendectomy! 😦
      Hope you’re better now! wish you a speedy recovery!

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  2. I really love old black and white photos. Not only do they have more atmosphere, but they are great historically. What a great collection. I am always looking out for old black and white pictures of India or Africa. Me and the whole world, sadly. The blog was such a good read. I am going to look at the 70th independent one next. Your photos are vey clear and sharp. It makes mine look very amateurish. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you liked them.
      I was thinking of doing then and now series. Let’s see….
      I also love old vintage pictures Jackie!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Much appreciated! 🙂


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