: picture-govind-dev-ji-darshan-jaipur-most-famous-temple

Devotees at Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur

Lord Govind Dev ji  or Lord Krishna is the most admired deity in Jaipur Govind Dev ji temple is one of its kind temple in Jaipur.

Govind Dev ji Temple History

Govind Devji Temple is supposedly built around 1730 AD by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II. Idol of Govind Dev ji  was brought  to Amer town  from the temple in Vrindavan, to save it from the destruction order of the Mughal emporer Aurangzeb. Idol of Govind Devji was later shifted to its current location upon the founding of Jaipur city. Darshan at Govind Dev ji temple can be done 7 times a day as per fixed schedule/ slots; Temple follows same pattern as the temples in Vrindavan. Check here for darshan/jhanki timings.

Irrespective of the slot, the Jagmohan or prayer hall is always teeming with devotees. Lord Govind Dev ji  was revered by Jaipur royalty, public admired the Lord equally. While many things have changed with the concept of royalty and rulers long gone, admiration by the public for their Lord still continues unabated.

Here are few pictures of Admiration by Devotees at Govind dev ji  temple.

(Photography at this temple is quite challenging with constantly moving public and low light conditions. Regret for the low quality images posted below)


Entrance to Govind Dev ji Temple, Jaipur


Govind Devji temple is always teeming with devotees


Impressive architecture of Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur


One of unique aspect of Govind Dev ji temple is huge single pillar-less prayer hall




Expansive view of Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur .Devotee waiting for the darshan of the Lord Govind Dev ji


You are unlikely to come across similar devotion and spiritual level at any other temple in Jaipur.
Devotees chanting and singing prayer at Govind Dev ji temple, Jaipur



Devotee at Govind Devji Temple Jaipur


This is a common scene witnessed at Govind Dev ji temple especially when people are unable to have darshan of their admired deity.


Devotees performing parikrama at Govind Dev ji Temple, Jaipur

People raise their hands during darshan time; asking Lord Govind Dev ji to bless them

: picture-govind-dev-ji-darshan-jaipur-most-famous-temple

 Darshan at Govind Devji Temple, jaipur

Admiration and devotion. Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur


Devotees waiting to catch a glimpse of their lord during the Jhanki

For Govind Devji Jhanki Darshan time table refer to their official website – govinddevji.net/jhakia.htm

I’m reserving more pictures and stories for another post…some other day!

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