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Devotees at Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji or Krishna is the most admired deity in Jaipur. Govind Dev Ji Temple is one of its kind temple in Jaipur and has a huge following. It is one of the few temples in Jaipur attracting a large number of devotees. It is commonly referred to as Aradhya Govind Dev Ji. Many travelers visit Govind Dev Ji temple to experience the atmosphere of Bhakti during the Darshan or Aarti. Indeed, the experience is one of a kind. I have met many people who speak highly about it and equate it with a spiritual experience. Of course, in my opinion, this is personal and it is possible that not everyone might agree. I will leave that decision for the reader to decide.

Everything To Know About Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji Temple Vrindavan

In 1590, Mirza Raja Mansingh built the Govind Dev Ji temple in Vrindavan. The temple was built during the rule of Mughal ruler Akbar. Mirza Raja Mansingh was his trusted general. Mughal Ruler Aurangzeb is infamous for causing the destruction of Hindu temples and mutilating the idols therein following a firman in 1699 largely in North India. This is a common belief although many researchers hold different views. Govind Dev Ji temple in Vrindavan was also one such temple. As per popular legend, the two floors of the temple were destroyed. The idols had been smuggled out before the sanctum was destroyed. Some records claimed that Aurangzeb himself offered prayer after the destruction and conversion to a mosque in 1670. Later, in 1870, this temple was restituted to Hindu devotees under British rule. As per available information, this is one of its kind event where the Britishers restored the destroyed Hindu temple.

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur History

Govind Devji Temple is supposedly built around 1730 AD by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II. The idol of Govind Dev Ji was brought to Amer from the temple in Vrindavan, to save it from the destruction order of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The temple is today known as Kanak Vrindavan Temple – Radha Madhav Mandir. Govind Devji’s idol was later shifted to its current location near Jaipur City Palace near Jai Niwas not far from Jaipur City Palace. Some records also mention that idol of Govind Dev Ji was shifted to the current location in 1716 AD, much before the city was founded.

Photography at Govind Dev Ji temple is challenging with constantly moving devotees and low light conditions.

Entrance to Govind Dev ji Temple, Jaipur
Govind Devji temple is always teeming with devotees
The impressive architecture of Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur
One of the unique aspects of Govind Dev Ji temple is a huge single pillar-less prayer hall

The atmosphere of Bhakti at Govind Dev Ji Temple & Devotees

Irrespective of the slot, the Jagmohan or prayer hall is always teeming with devotees. Lord Govind Dev Ji was revered by Jaipur royalty, public admired the Lord equally. While many things have changed with the concept of royalty and rulers long gone, admiration by the public for their Lord still continues unabated.


Expansive view of Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur.
You are unlikely to come across similar devotion and spiritual level at any other temple in Jaipur.
Devotees chanting and singing prayer
A devotee at Govind Devji Temple Jaipur


This is a common scene witnessed at Govind Dev Ji temple especially when people are unable to have Darshan of their admired deity. They perform Parikrama.


Devotees performing parikrama 

People raise their hands during Darshan time; asking Lord Govind Dev Ji to bless them

: picture-govind-dev-ji-darshan-jaipur-most-famous-temple


Admiration and devotion.
Devotees waiting to catch a glimpse of their lord during the Jhanki

Religious Significance of Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Ji temple is one of the important temples of Gaudiya Vaishnavs. This form of Vaishanavs follows Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Bengal region is the origin of these Vaishanavs. Some researchers mention that Kacchawa Amer rulers started following Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at some point. The custodian of the temple are Bengalis and are known as Goswamis. Their genealogy can be traced to Rupa Goswami. The temple is managed by a trust.

Krishna Temples in Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji is not the only Krishna temple in Jaipur. There are many other Krishna temples in Jaipur. While a few can be classified under the heritage temples of Jaipur others were built during the last 3 decades. Some of the temples that fall in the heritage category are Brij Nidhi Temple, Goverdhan Nath Ji Temple, Radha Damodar temple, Radha Madhav Mandir, Natwar Ji Mandir, Sri Govardhan Nath Ji  Temple, Anand Bihari Temple, Charan Mandir, Sri Radha Gopinath Ji Temple, to name a few. Among the new Krishna temples in Jaipur are ISCON temple, Sri Krishna Balram Mandir- Akshay Patra, among others. However, Govind Dev Ji is the most famous Krishna temple in Jaipur.

Unique Things – Govind Dev Ji Temple

The idols in the temple are adorned in special dresses made according to the season. Therefore, Govind Dev Ji wears summer dresses and winter dresses which are made from the material suitable for the weather. Apart from these there are special dresses for special occasions or auspicious days. The temple trust follows a specific schedule for make-up or Shringar. In short, Govind Dev Ji is treated like a human person.

Govind Dev Ji Darshan Timing

Darshan at Govind Dev Ji temple can be done 7 times a day as per fixed schedule/slots; Temple follows the same pattern as the temples in Vrindavan. Check here for darshan/Jhanki timings. The slots change as per season. For Govind Devji Jhanki Darshan time table refer to their official website – govinddevji.net/jhakia.htm

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