Cartist Automobile Art Festival Jaipur/ Exhibition


Last week, I posted 3 pictures of Tata Safari  painted in an abstract style for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract  captured at the Cartist Automobile Art Festival exhibition in Jaipur. The event was organized in a  garden which was recently opened for the public.

Those three pictures posted earlier didn’t do justice with the exhibition as there was much more to it.I’m posting some more images from the Cartist Exhibition. People with creative and artistic mind will surely enjoy these pictures of  unique creations; so will automobile lovers. Do let me know about your views through the comments below.


Let me start with a picture of the venue.

Cartist Jaipur exhibition with the backdrop of World Trade park in Jaipur.

Artists giving finishing touches to the venue.

Miniature car installation at Cartist Jaipur

Due to onset of summers, Sun is quite harsh. Therefore, the paintings were displayed in gazebos style tents to combat scorching heat. Good move!

painting on display at Cartist Jaipur exhibition
Canvases on display at Cartist Jaipur


Automobile art painting exhibition by Cartist, Jaipur
Auto art. Cartist Automobile Art Festival,Jaipur
Cartist painting exhibition, Jaipur
Automobile art exhibition by Cartist Jaipur
Auto art painting exhibition by Cartist, Jaipur

Artists were given due acknowledgement by placing artist information boards.

Artist Introduction. Cartist Jaipur


Visitors exploring painting exhibition at Cartist Automobile Art Festival exhibition, Jaipur

The exhibition also had a section dedicated to the logo of finest automobile brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Bentley etc.

Famous car brand logo. Cartist Jaipur
Automobile logo. Mercedes Benz, Cartist Jaipur

I found a very interesting art installation which drew my  attention! Unfortunately, No one was around to explain its story.  Let me call this “Red Head”

Unique art installation at Cartist Jaipur exhibition with World Trade Park backdrop.

Here is a close up of “Red Head”

Moving art project by Cartist Jaipur.


Miniature vintage design car at Cartist exhibition, Jaipur

Parked in a row were ten hand painted Tata Nano cars. In case you have never heard about Tata Nano, it was a benchmark standard in Indian automobile history with a launch price of  USD 1500. It was a highly publicized innovation termed “frugal engineering” from an Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors,  who also own World’s  top brands like Range Rover and Jaguar.

Hand painted Tata Nano cars parked infront of World Trade Park, Jaipur. At Cartist Automobile Art Festival. Exhibition in Jaipur

Close up of one of the  ten  Tata Nano on display at Cartist exhibition. Ain’t this pretty?

: hand-painted-tata-nano-in-pink-color-at-cartist-exhibition-jaipur
Pink Tata Nano for pink city – I love Jaipur. At Cartist Automobile Art Festival, Jaipur

Information about its creator artist-Ms. Kanchan Chander!

About artist Kanchan Chander, creator of pink Tata Nano art. Cartist, Jaipur

Let me wrap this up with the most striking picture as well as creation!

Automobile installation by an artist at Cartist Automobile Art Festival, Jaipur.

I had posted a write-up on Cartist event during Resurgent Rajasthan few months ago, featuring hand painted auto-rickshaws  (Tuk-Tuk as some people prefer to call it). Click here to read this post.

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142 thoughts on “Cartist Automobile Art Festival Jaipur/ Exhibition

    1. It has become a regular sort of event here in Jaipur. This one was first big event from cartist. They have now started a cartist studio to promote and encourage all type of artists.
      I’m happy you liked it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You said it well…It’s quite colorful and vibrant. The mood is also cheerful, could be because of colors or the venue. Thanks for reading and sharing your views. 🙂


  1. I love the thought of art with a theme. In my hometown in September and October, a great art festival is held. Artists of all kinds are invited to display their work throughout downtown in all venues. Museums, bars, lawyer office, restaurants, etc. The public tours the displays, votes, and several winners are awarded.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to hear this, Avinash. Vintage rally still takes place every year in February. Of course, I haven’t written about it yet even though I have attended it quite a few times. Do you have a Jaipur connection, Avinash?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow this festival seems like a lot of fun I wish we had more festivals like this here.. The venue, the paintings, the pictures all look great . You have captured them very well. Thanks for sharing

    Neha (Sharing our experiences)

    Liked by 1 person

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