Sunrise at Maharkalan

Getting away from the urban life rewards you in many ways like this beautiful sunrise at village Maharkalan. This place is approximately 40 km away from Jaipur near Samode village.

Skywatch Friday – Sunrise at Maharkalan


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18 thoughts on “Sunrise at Maharkalan

    1. Sudipta, it’s great to know that you enjoyed posts on jaipurthrumylens. Surely I can give you all the details you need. There are many places that I have been to but unable to post them here due to paucity of time. Can tell me little bit about your interests? Will help me. πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for your help anything which gets me closer to the laocal people and nature…I don’t mind visiting those places. Or the best way you can take me around when I am there😝

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