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Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji Temple |Understated But Impressive

Shri Goverdhan Nath ji Temple is situated in Chaura Rasta, Jaipur. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Shri Govardhan Nath ji temple is built in Haveli style, akin to most temples built by rulers of Jaipur. The outward appearance of this temple is understated.

govardhannathji temple jaipur
Entrance from the main road to Goverdhan Nath temple

The staircase leading to the temple is projected out to road level covering the footpath, which in a way gives it a distinguished approach. It’s a unique feature of the heritage temples built by royalty.

shri govardhannath temple jaipur
Entrance to Goverdhan Nath temple

The temple is devoid of shikhar and is built in Haveli style with an open courtyard. There are many other Haveli style temples in Jaipur built during 18th and 19th century like Gangaji temple ,Roop Chaturbhuj temple, chaturbhuj temple, Goverdhan Nathji temple  near Hawa Mahal. This temple along with Goverdhan Nathji temple in Sirehdyodi Bazaar was built by Maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh. The temple is built in Rajput-Mughal architectural style. It has a beautil paintings & floral motifs on the walls, which depicts a strong Mughal influence.

jaipur heritage temple
Beautiful paintings on the walls of the Goverdhan Nath temple, Jaipur
govardhannath temple jaipur
Inside the first courtyard (chowk) at Goverdhan Nath temple, Jaipur
heritage temple jaipur
Beautifully adorned wall inside the second courtyard (chowk) at  Goverdhan Nath temple, Jaipur


Simple yet beautiful! Shri Govardhan Nath ji Temple, Jaipur





gobardhan nath mandir jaipur
Idol of Baal Krishna at  Goverdhan Nath temple, Jaipur

The unique aspect of  Shri Govardhan Nath ji temple is that Lord Krishna is worshiped in a child form. Unlike other heritage temples in Jaipur dedicated to the Lord Krishna, Radha is not placed with the idol of Krishna. There is a small chowk or courtyard leading to another gate which is not remarkable in any way. However, the wall on either sides of this gate has beautiful paintings and images of Nahar or lion. This is similar to  Goverdhan Nathji temple near Hawa Mahal where lion statutes are placed on either sides of gate & are made of white marble. In this temple, lion motif is embossed on the wall as a mural work. Painted peacock too adorns this wall.

important temples of jaipur
Notice the detailing! Shri Goverdhan Nathji Temple, Jaipur
Mandir Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji jaipur
Peacocks and Lion, gracing the entrance gate of second courtyard. Shri Govardhan Nath ji Temple, Jaipur!
krishna temple jaipur
Lion is commonly used in temples commissioned by Maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh. At Shri Govardhan Nath Temple, Jaipur

Here are some more picture from the temple.


goverdhannath mandir jaipur
Palki which is now used only during Janmansthmi festivals. Shri Goverdhan Nath Temple, Jaipur
jaipur temple
a Close up of Palki. Shri Goverdhan Nath Temple, Jaipur



temple govardhan ji jaipur
Gate – Sanctum! Notice the detailing… Goverdhan Nath Temple, Jaipur
govardhan nathji temple jaipur
Sanctum. Shri Goverdhan Nath Temple, Jaipur

Looking at the layout and  frescoes, its evident that this temple has seen better days! Currently, the Devesthan Vibhaag of Govt. of Rajasthan  maintains the temple.


Do visit Shri Goverdhan Nath Temple for its heritage. Unlike other popular temples of Jaipur teeming with devotees, full of chaos and unfriendly temple management, it’s a welcome change! Shri Goverdhan Nath Temple is accessible and located close to City Palace.

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29 thoughts on “Shri Goverdhan Nath Ji Temple |Understated But Impressive

    1. A bigger one might have 3, but usually it is one or two. These temples are built in style of mansion therefore they are devoid of the spire one sees in temples. Have you ever been t India, Cherie?

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  1. As always beautiful photographs it is a very lovely temple …I love reading your posts as they are also very informative. Thank you for sharing this beautiful temple with us 🙂

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      1. They are worthy of appreciation and you are welcome Arv…One day I hope to visit your lovely country and I can’t wait to discover what it has to offer 🙂

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      2. That will be great, Carol. I’m sure you will enjoy your trip to India. 🙂
        Do let me know if there is some way in which I can help you whenever you are planning your trip to India, Carol. 🙂

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