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Weekly Photo Challenge – symbol/ Trishul & Damru

If you ever come across trishul & damru on top of any temple, similar to the picture below it symbolizes that  the temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva – the destroyer (of the universe!)

shiva temple in jaipur
(Click to Enlarge)

Although in Jaipur, one will come across more temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu  than Lord Shiva, but that doesn’t mean that Lord Shiva is not popular. Apart from  the popular temples that one comes across in the city, many temples located in off beat locations especially in jungles and hill tops around the city are dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The above picture was also shot in one of such location.

So what is significance of  Trishul and Damru ?

Trishul  is commonly called trident in English.It has three spikes denoting three aspects.

Although there are different versions as to what it denotes, here are popular beliefs:

3 forces of Trinity – these are considered to be 3 forces of Universe -Lord Brahma(the creator), Lord Vishnu (the preserver) and Lord Shiva (the destroyer)

3 States of Man – Kayika is the physical action, Vaachika is spoken words and Manasika is thoughts or mind

3 states of Divinity – These denote the three state of Lord Shiva namely, Arupa, Rupa  Arupa and Sarupa. These mean without form, form without form and with form, respectively.

There can be other theories too, but the above are more popular ones.

Damru  is a type of hand held drum that has string attached to it with a beads at its end.

Since Lord Shiva is considered to be destroyer it is believed that when  he uses damru it implies destruction or Pralaya. 

Babas or sadhus commonly worship Lord Shiva. Many of these babas reside in jungles away from the human settlements. Many of these babas carry trishul with them. There is always mystery around such babas with respect to their practices. More about Sadhus and babas in future post

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