Jaipur Architectural Design Element |chhatris

Question -What is my muse?

Answer – Heritage & Architecture of old Jaipur!

Jaipur Architecture – chhatris!

The architecture of Jaipur is quite unique and rich. For a person with keen aesthetic sense, marvelous is the only word that best signifies Jaipur architecture.

There is inherent perfection in the architecture style and entire science behind it. Nowhere, one comes across such bazaars which are beautifully lined with chhatris/ canopies, jharokhas, Jali/ lattices.

For an entire city, to be planned and executed with beautiful architecture ab initio shows how aesthetically inclined the vision of founders was. Not only that, but it also showed their creative mind and inclination. It is grandeur they wanted to create by way of beautiful architecture. The credit for architecturally rich Jaipur can’t be given only to Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who founded the city but also to his descendants who have contributed greatly.

Featured in the above picture, isΒ Chhatri. Chhatri in simple language means canopy or umbrella . The word is derived from Sanskrit word Chattra. Since these canopies resembled an umbrella, therefore named chhatri. These chhatris can be found across Rajasthan and not Jaipur. It is one the important Rajput architectural elements. These were also used in the memorial architecture by the royalty. Check out the write-up on Royal Gaitor which features a variety of Chhatris.


It is these elements of Jaipur architecture that catches my fancy….their perfection & symmetry! At the same time, it amazes me too!

Muse! The topic of Weekly Photo Challenge for this week!



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