Ghat Ke Balaji temple,Jaipur….Monumental!

The architecture of the Ghat Ke Balaji temple looks majestic and in some ways resembles the city palace structure.

Ghat ke Balaji temple is located mid way between Galta temple and Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh / garden,off Agra Highway near Ghat ki Guni. It’s hardly fifteen to twenty minutes drive from the Jaipur city center.

Entrance of Ghat ke Balaji temple, Jaipur.
ghaat ke balaji temple jaipur
Temple Bell & the entrance.  Ghat Ke Balaji, Jaipur
Jagmohan or Prayer hall at Ghat Ke Balaji temple, Jaipur
ghaat ke balaji mandir jaipur
Another view of the prayer hall at Ghat ke Balaji temple
Overlooking the sanctum. Ghat Ke Balaji temple, Jaipur

The temple is dedicated to the Lord Hanuman . Even though temple dates back to few centuries, it has faded from the list of popular temples of Jaipur. While Khole ke hanuman ji temple has gained  importance steadily, over the years, it’s the other way around for the Ghat ke Balaji temple.

ghat ke balaji temple jaipur
Sanctum –Ghat Ke Balaji temple

mandir balaji ghaat ke jaipur

balaji ghaat ke jaipur
These pillars located on mezzanine floor look out of place with rest of the Ghat Ke Balaji temple architecture
balaji temple in jaipur
Paintings on the ceiling inside the sanctum. Ghat Ke Balaji temple

ghaat ke balaji mandir

Beautiful paintings inside Ghat Ke Balaji temple.
hanumanji temple in jaipur
Heritage paintings are in urgent need of attention & care.

This temple was patronized by the Royal family of Jaipur and many important royal ceremonies have been performed here in past. It still has a large public following. Ghat ke Balaji temple  hosts many sawamanis – offering/prasaad which are popular with the temples dedicated  to the Lord Hanuman. This temple is maintained & managed by the Galta Peeth based at Galta, Jaipur

Another view of Ghat ke Balaji temple, Jaipur

Ghat Ke Balaji temple has an impressive architectural presence,which is in line with the temple built during its time. No other temple, dedicated to the  Lord Hanuman in Jaipur can rival its grandeur & architecture. Although fair amount of renovation has taken place over the years, the temple still maintains its original character. The paintings in the main sanctum are unique although they are in a need of an urgent care & attention. Do visit, if you are visiting Galta / Monkey Temple or Sisodia Rani Garden.

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21 thoughts on “Ghat Ke Balaji temple,Jaipur….Monumental!

  1. Hi there – being from Europe and having never been to Asia all of these pictures look very exotic to me. I bet it’s even more special when being there, in the temple. Interesting how detailed the pillars are. Must have taken quite a time to create them 🙂
    – Ruta

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ruta! Some of these temple are quite ornate and have lot of detailing while others have beautiful frescoes and paintings. Pictures can never replace the actual experience. like Europe, we too have some great architecture here. I think you should visit Jaipur, some day!


      1. I had been there just once!! Nd fell in love with the place instantly…. I did get chance to trip there but didnt workout….hoping to get there soon… The palaces are just majestic there…. Jaipur was explored on the way to Delhi… I guess A seperate and complete trip to Jaipur needs to be explored soon..

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  2. I have to say thank you and appreciate your introduction about the wonderful temple. I do love old traditional buildings especially beautiful ones, and your articles really helpful to me for planning to visit Jaipur. Those frescoes are magic and significant for me. Hope I have chance to see them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s good to know Joseph. If you love traditional buildings and architecture, there’s a lot for you to explore in Jaipur. If you need any more details, let me know. Have a great trip. 🙂


      1. Joseph, some temples do mind if you take pictures. Others are okay. Let me know which temples you are planning to visit, I can guide you how to proceed ahead if you want to take pictures. Leave your email id, will send you email to reply to. Else you can reach out via Fb message. 🙂


  3. In Ghat Ke Balagi Tample, Tuesday Morning mandir Pandit ji Mangla Darshan not done , So many people standing in outside the Temple for wating opens the Door of Temple, mey I request for Consern person Sh Suresh Mishra ji pls take action or neceracery arrangements of morning Darshan 5am on every Tuesday.


    Arvind Kaushik


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