Jaipur Sunrise In Jamwa Ramgarh

I’m sharing pictures clicked at Ramgarh, near Jaipur earlier this week.

Sunrise at Ramgarh, near Jaipur

Sitting in such a majestic location, and soaking up on a beautiful sunrise with great weather….what else can one ask for?

Ramgarh was once a very popular picnic spot of Jaipur until a few years back when the Ramgarh lake dried up. This lake hosted a boat competition during 1982 Asiad games. The major reason for the lake to dry up is the blocking of water channels that brought water to the lake, due to illegal & unauthorized construction.
During the pre-independence years, it was one of the favorite hunting locations of the Jaipur Maharajahs. The royal hunting lodge is still present. It has been converted into a hotel & is run by the Taj group by name of Ramgarh Lodge.

Ramgarh still has a rustic feel, though it’s located merely 30 km away from the Jaipur city. It has few villages strewn around and luckily, the pace of life is “easy”!!

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11 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunrise In Jamwa Ramgarh

    1. Alok! I thought of mentioning here, but I didn’t for some reason (which I don’t know) that there are many Ramgarh in India. I guess I should specifically mention that its not the same Ramgarh of movie “sholay” !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Parul! Even the surroundings of the place where this picture is clicked, can easily pass off as film location due to topography! I have reserved those picture for another post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Alexander! Capturing these shots entail, getting up quite early- much before the sunrise and be at location, where I plan to capture these shots. In this case, I had drive time of 45 minutes and another 20-25 minutes of hike through the hill, before sunrise!! But the reward often makes up for the extra effort.


      1. Jamwa Ramgarh has run dry! its been quite some years now. with current situation, we don’t know if it will ever turn back into lake! Bhangarh is a great place, but there are no options for food and facilities!


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