Sunrise At Shahid Samarak Jaipur

The sunrise pictures I’m sharing this week was clicked at Shahid Smarak, Jaipur. It is a memorial built in the memory of Martyrs. Shahid Smarak or Amar Jawan Jyoti is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur at night time. The lighting in pink and violet color looks great. This memorial is built with pink sandstone from Rajasthan-Karuali and Dholpur.


Jaipur sky dominates the background

This is an interesting picture with dispersing sunrays due to clouds.


Sun ascending in the background

This picture has sun ascending from the horizon behind the Shahid Smarak memorial. Since the sports stadium in Jaipur is behind this memorial, floodlights can be seen in the background.

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19 thoughts on “Sunrise At Shahid Samarak Jaipur

    1. ha ha! I’m sure they must be expecting someone who’s regular visitor! BellyByte, its even more interesting to watch a different sunrise, at same spot, same time but on different dates.


    1. balroop! I feel that watching sunrise is spirituous experience. Most people believe spiritual experience has something to do with religion or religious practices, I disagree with them! Nature is the most potent force we have around us. start watching sunrise for few days, you’ll be a new person!

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