Amer Fort Watchtowers

Rulers of  Amer erected strong fortification around their kingdom, which involved a series of walls and watchtowers. This fortification can be seen all around Amer Fort.  Here is a shot clicked from one such wall.

Amber watchtowers

This wall is referred to as the Great Wall of Amer as it encircles the Amer Fort. Today only 10-15% of this wall is in good condition.


The rest has been allowed to fall in a state of disrepair. Here is another picture of the great wall fro another post The Great Wall Of Amer & The Translucent Sky

Translucent Blanket- Great wall of Amer.

It shows these watchtowers of Amer Fort from a different perspective. You can read more about the watch-towers in this in-depth article- Great Wall of Amer. Over the last few years these watch towers have become very popular among the locals and travelers alike for the views it offers of the Amer Fort and the surrounding region. Unfortantely, many people climb atop these structures to click pictures and videos to post on social media like Instagram. There have been many cases of people falling and injuring themselves. There is a need for the authorities to take action against it.

great wall of amer palace jaipur
click to enlarge the picture

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