The Great Wall Of Amer & The Translucent Sky

A few months ago I had posted a picture of sunrise with a silhouette of the Great wall of Amer.  Skywatch – morning/ silhouette / Great wall of Amer!

This week I’m posting a picture of the Great wall of Amer, once again.

Translucent Blanket- Great wall of Amer

It seemed as if the entire sky is covered with a blanket. The subdued Sun is merely making its presence felt through the “translucent blanket of clouds”. To me, this is just so beautiful. Nature plays with many elements to create such a stunning sky! What do you think?

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29 thoughts on “The Great Wall Of Amer & The Translucent Sky

    1. Vibha, this picture has been captured without any ‘prop ‘. Also I don’t edit picture except contrast and color correction. I had to capture this one, as I found it interesting.

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  1. Wow! I thought as if the descending water prides of holding the untamed sun through its reflections. But, my poor brain didn’t give a think through that it’s actually a original sunset!
    That’s really creative! You made this photo a success by making someone to think in some other way! 👍👌

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    1. ha ha! sorry to be correcting…it’s sunrise. I don’t have luxury of clicking sunsets..work! I’m really into the magic created by sunrise.
      Thanks for the compliments… you made my day! 😉

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