Behind Clouds | Skywatch In Jaipur

What a strange thing it is to wake up to such an overcast?

Behind the Cloud, the Sun is still shining. Skywatch Friday

The sun seems to be hidden by a thin blanket of clouds providing a temporary amnesty from the scorching sunshine & heat of the summer. But that’s just an illusion! Within hours, these clouds will dissipate…


We need to remember that behind these clouds the Sun is still shining! It is reminiscent of all the good times and the bad times….nothing is permanent! There is an intermittent play!

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Posted for Friday Skywatch

The above pictures have been captured with a smartphone.

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40 thoughts on “Behind Clouds | Skywatch In Jaipur

  1. Beautiful shot, Arvind! The thoughts go very well with the image. Btw, I’m glad to see you post skyshots (taken on a smartphone esp) on a regular basis! Keep it up!! And, do join in for Parul’s #treelove prompt too.

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    1. Esha for some reasons I’m unable to capture sunrise shots these days. Mobile provides me with some breather. I have an entire series to post on trees. But time 😑

      Thanks for appreciating Esha 😃

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      1. Welcome, Arvind. Would be looking forward to your new series on trees. And do keep clicking on your mobile! Keep the pics coming. 🙂

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      2. Well, the series started with posting of a write up when I started writing on this blog. But somehow, I could only post one write up last years and another one this year (till now). I haven’t named it because it doesn’t make sense unless you continue. But thanks…it’s something that I will surely try to write and focus on. Thanks for the encouragement…frankly, I will love to use my camera since there’s no point in keeping it idle. All the pictures you see on Instagram are clicked with a mobile phone. So you will certainly see lots more. Thanks for all the ecouragement. 🙂

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      3. I totally understand about the time limitations. It is tough no doubt for me too. I skipped SkywatchFriday for the same reason. Anyway, look forward to your camera clicks too. Post them whenever time permits. Keep clicking – that’s more important. The mobile is so handy always esp for random captures. I totally depend on it for my sky shots although a camera shot would be technically far more superior. Happy clicking! 😊


      4. Well for the post technically superior image don’t matter but flexibility to compose shots certainly do. That’s what I like about DSLR. Although I don’t use much of the pictures shot using one. Most of the pictures on my blog were shot with super zoom compact camera.

        I am not regular on Skywatch as well. I post once or twice. While earlier it was every week.

        I really like your pictures of Bangalore sky. Quite Vivid! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Parul. Bangalore certainly has dramatic sky. Its always dramatic in places which​ experiences rain. After all, it’s all about light and clouds. Should be able to capture some Bangalore skies too 😊

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