Colors of the Sky | Dust Storm in Jaipur

Dust Storms are a regular feature in western Rajasthan in the midst of the Thar desert. 15-20 years ago, dust storms were very common in Jaipur during April-May. Now we hardly have any! Jaipur is situated in eastern Rajasthan, technically it’s a semi-arid region. A lot has changed over the last few years. Concrete structures and dwelling units dominate the landscape within a radius of 20-30 Km of the city area. Does it have any impact on the occurrence of dust storms? I think it does have an impact!

Earlier this week, we experienced one in Jaipur. Here is a picture that captures the dynamic sky colors during a dust storm which was followed by a drizzle. I shot this picture with a Smartphone, around sunset at Jaipur Statue Circle.


The colors that this dust storm created in the sky were unique. I’m sure with DSLR I could have captured these colors even better since the mobile phone sensors despite technological up-gradation are still smaller than the one in DSLR. It’s a trade-off! Mobile phones help you capture evanescent moments!

This area is called Statue Circle because it has a statue of Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur city in the center of a huge circle.  I’m posting another picture of  Statue Circle during sunshine so you can see how dramatic it looks in the first picture.

Statue Circle, Jaipur


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90 thoughts on “Colors of the Sky | Dust Storm in Jaipur

      1. Not the kinds they show in deserts, but around this time in Delhi you get a lot of dust storms (aandhi). I used to love them… standing in midst of the howling winds, smelling the faint hints of rain in it, feeling the blinding grain of dust grating on the skin while at the same time smelling of petrichor…. My mom used to order me to stay out so the dust wont come into the house… ha ha! Pune almost never gets aandhis 😦

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      2. Must be so nostalgic thinking about it? 🙂
        I’m sure your mom must be bothered with the extra work & pain that followed these dust storms.

        So you are missing them in Pune?

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    1. Must have been a great experience since you were new to it. Using camera is tricky in dust storm because it can get inside your camera and pose problem. It’s best not to use it or use some protective gear. 🙂

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  1. What a lucky experience to experience a dust storm that rarely happens…but hope it wasn’t too bad for the pollution in India 🙂 I agree. It’s moments like these that you wish you had a better camera than your phone. Phone camera is good, but nothing beats a good camera, even if it’s just a point and shoot which I carry around with me all the time. My point and shoot is heavier than I like it, though – and it feels more comfortable in the bag than pocket. Love how you had two photos to show the contrast. Lovely light during sunset and in the day, the place looks back to normal 😀

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    1. Happy to know you liked it Mabel. I would not risk taking expensive camera in dust storm since dust can enter the camera and you might face usability issues. I used to click most of my pictures from a compact super zoom. Of late, I have been experiencing issues of dust landing on its sensor…again and again. So I’m yet to get the same repaired. I think carrying compact is better idea than DSLR since it allows you lot of advantages. Does your point and shoot resemble DSLR? A lot of point shoots are shaped in similar style. I thought two pictures will show the contrasts of this place. Thanks for sharing your views, Mabel 🙂


      1. That is so true. Dust is so tiny and it is so easy for dust to get stuck in the camera lens and sensor. I hope you manage to get the dust out of yours. My point and shoot is the Canon G7X ii (I use in manual mode all the time). It is quite small but bigger than most point and shoots. Always a pleasure dropping by and reading and of course, seeing your photography 🙂

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      2. Mabel, I didn’t have trouble with dust this time because I used my smartphone to capture this picture. So it did save me from the trouble. Although when I was out clicking this picture, the dust storm had passed from the this area but still there is lot of dust particles in the atmosphere.
        Canon G series is one of the best compact cameras your money can buy. You just can’t go wrong with it. So it’s a great choice. Now this range also offers raw capture. What else can you ask for?
        You are so kind Mabel with your appreciation. You made my day 🙂 Happy to know you enjoy the pictures on this blog. It’s always nice to find your comments on the blog. I really appreciate the time you spend here to read the blog and share your views. Your comments here as well as on other blogs are meaningful. Happy to have a fellow blogger like you.Thanks once again. 🙂

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      3. Good going that you have a smartphone with you in these situations. Smartphones can always always be back up cameras. Haha, I feel naked when I don’t have my Canon G with me 😀 Always love chatting, Arv. The pleasure is mine, especially meeting a blogger who blogs meaningfully 🙂

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      4. Same feelings here Mabel 🙂 you don’t use much of phone for photography?
        I too was stuck on camera. I thought I’ll never opt for phone when it comes to photography. But it all changed soon. 🙂


      5. Great! Since my point and shoot is having some problem, I have shifted to smartphone. I’m not if this will continue to be this way…Let’s see.

        Certainly, the quality of pictures shot with camera is better than mobile phone due to better and bigger sensors 🙂


      1. I do but I also have a great Sony A6000 I recently purchased. Of course it is not always with me to capture those shots that happen during everyday life that are not planned. My iPhone SE is not too bad though but when I’m Italy I’m hoping to get some good pictures with the Sony. Do you have a camera?

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      2. I do. I generally use a super zoom compact. I also have DSLR but I prefer compact for many reasons. Sony has got most advanced cameras. Visiting Italy soon?

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