The Feast Cafe |The Best Bakery In Jaipur?

The Feast Bakery is not a new name in Jaipur. Started by Pallavi Daga a few years ago as a home baker in Jaipur, she has carved out a niche among the who’s who of  Jaipur out of her passion & love for the food. She is well-known for designer cakes in Jaipur. Pallavi Daga has three outlets in Jaipur. The Feast Bakery Cafe, a bakery cum cafe at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur is her new venture. She also runs cookery classes in Jaipur specializing in the bakery.

The Feast Cafe at Malviya Nagar Jaipur


Pallavi Daga at The Feast Bakery Cafe


Designer cakes anyone? The Feast Cafe, Jaipur


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Loved these lights at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur


I have visited Feast Cafe a few months ago soon after its inauguration. I was impressed with the taste & food quality. Even though it is quite compact vis-a-vis other cafes in town, but then that’s not the best thing about Feast Cafe! It impresses you where the bigger and more popular cafes fail!! Food! So when my friends from Mumbai were in town recently, we decided to meet at The Feast Cafe to catch up.

A lot of catching up to do! Friends at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

The interiors of The Feast Cafe give you that familiar casual neighborhood eatery feel; you won’t get intimidated by the glitzy lights or some offbeat interiors which is common in Jaipur!


For seating, you can choose either of the three options.

The outdoor” option

Probably the best option for the couple! The Feast Cafe

Best cafe in Jaipur for couples? These sofas look perfect for the date!

“Don’t disturb me” option

Seating option at The Feast Cafe

Perfect for those in a rush! Personally, I don’t like such seating because it cuts you off from interaction!

“The usual choice” option.



We didn’t have much choice since it was too hot to sit in the outdoors and “don’t disturb me” didn’t fit the scene since we were in large numbers! We opted for “the usual choice”! We ordered a variety of things from The Feast Cafe menu.

The Feast Cafe- Menu

Let me share a few pictures and our experience at Feast Cafe.

The first thing to arrive was Jumbo Sprout Bhelpuri, served in Dal Pakwaan style.

Jumbo Sprout Bhelpuri at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

Dal Pakwaan is a popular Sindhi cuisine. This sprout bhelpuri is definitely a healthy pick except for the garnishing!

Jumbo Sprout Behlpuriin Dal Pakwaan style

I was impressed with its taste and innovation. I haven’t come across anything similar in Jaipur, to date! Up next was a very popular pick – Pull-a-part Garlic Cheese Bread!

Pull-A-Part Garlic Cheese Bread at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

I’m sure these pictures will tempt you if you are a foodie…

Close up for the foodies….Pull-a-part Masala Garlic Cheese Bread!

On my previous visit, I had ordered one but this was a huge improvement. I always liked the pull-apart cheese bread at another popular food joint in Jaipur – Cafe Bae. I considered it as the best in the town. But after having it here this time, I have changed the opinion.

Aachari Aloo wrap is perfect for people who love spicy food.

Aachari Aloo Wrap at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

I guess it’ll appeal to people who like Paneer Tadka Pizza in Pizza Hut! It’s quite filling. I have tried many types of wraps in many places, but this was something new. I really liked it.

Paneer Wrap at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

I also tried Paneer wrap but my pick is Aachari Aloo wrap!

Cannelloni was next. I am not really a huge fan of cannelloni but it tasted good.


Coffee tonic served in two trays, placed next to each other set me thinking as to what it was all about? For a minute, I thought I was in the bar?

Coffee Tonic. The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

Once the waiter started pouring and mixing it up, this is how Coffee Tonic turned out!

Coffee Tonic

I was not impressed with this one though! I also tried their specialty Cold Brew w/o milk. It was okay. I guess it needs some more working. And now…dessert blast!!

Stroopwafel served with Nutella sauce and ice cream is Feast Cafe’s specialty!

Stroopwafel with Nutella sauce at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

Popular in Netherland, it’s not available anywhere else in Jaipur. I was told that stroopwafel is a special thin crust waffle made in wheat flour and tastes different from the usual waffle served with Nutella/chocolate sauce or maple syrup. Waffles are not very popular in Jaipur. The only place worth mentioning for the regular waffle in Jaipur is Home Cafe. Waffle is not something that I dig, but stroopwafel is worth mentioning because it doesn’t taste like the usual waffle. It’s a must-try at Feast Cafe. It was all gone within a few minutes!


Kit Kat and Oreo shake looked loaded with doughnuts thrown in!



Opera and Belgium dark chocolate pastry are must have at Feast cafe!

French dessert Opera. The Feast Cafe, Jaipur


Belgium Dark chocolate pastry. The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

Both these are a great treat for the chocoholics!  I haven’t come across any other cafe offering French dessert Opera in Jaipur. As for the Belgium dark chocolate pastry, only Cafe Bae in Jaipur is worth mentioning. The one I ate here was fresher and tasted a tad better. Is it because The Feast is the best bakery in Jaipur? Or is it that Pallavi Daga has some secret ingredients like Coca-Cola? I don’t know!! Pallavi Daga also runs cooking classes which is no surprise looking at her culinary skills!

In the end, the Feast Cafe offered us to try something new  – Brookie, a Chocolate fudge biscuit. It’s offered as an add-on served with hot coffee. I guess it’s a biscuit married to a cookie! Good choice!

Brookie! The Feast Cafe, Jaipur

A few hours later we were all loaded. It was time to leave! This is how our table looked!


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Jaipur is experiencing a boom in cafes and eateries during the last few years. There’s one opening every week! While the customers are rejoicing with the choices, there’s a downside too! Every new food outlet/venture doesn’t understand the food business and its nuances. I have visited many new cafes during the last few months but I find it hard to recommend most of them because they fail in food quality and taste! Swanky and glitzy interiors will attract me once but for me to visit again,  food cannot be just mediocre or average!

The Feast cafe is highly recommended as one of the best bakery-cafes in Jaipur. The personal attention by Pallavi Daga is evident in the taste and quality! The Feast Cafe is a great bakery cum cafe to recommend in Jaipur. Another specialization of The Feast Bakery is late-night delivery cake delivery in Jaipur. It is the only cafe that delivers quality cakes when other cafes have closed for the day. It speaks a lot about the attention they give to customer satisfaction.

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The Feast Cafe and bakery, Jaipur
Beautiful lights at The Feast Cafe, Jaipur!

In case you want more details, check out its website: and on zomato

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  1. I love going to a cafe, writing a blog post while enjoying a good coffee and breakfast or brunch perhaps. I do that especially whenever I face a write block, a lovely cafe is the best surrounding to wake my creativity up. I would definitely love to be in this cafe right now. Nice photos!

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    1. Thanks Rohini for the appreciation. Happy to know you liked this blog. You write very well too. 😊
      Thanks for the visit and likes as well as your comment.

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    1. I’m happy you liked it, Fiona. I’m sure you must be getting it even better where you reside since for us this is all “imported” as a concept and not our staple food.


    1. The food was superb. Well, we don’t have as many iconic bakeries as you have in Kolkata but there are a few good ones. This is one such bakery.n


    1. Lisa, I’m sure you will love to visit India. And there is a huge choice of food to try, including authentic Indian cuisines. I’m hoping you get to visit real soon. πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. Thanks, Lisa. I’m sure whenever you are visiting India and Jaipur specifically, you will have many things on your list which are authentic and local. πŸ™‚

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  2. I personally find The Feast as the best place for desserts and cakes. Jaipur is right now brimming with cafes and bakeries to please any dessert and bread loving person.

    Whether you’re looking for your daily breakfast bread or a quick snack or something to soothe your sweet taste buds, you will find it here

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