Everything You Want To Know About Solo travel to Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. For these precise reasons, the city has been rated as the top travel destination in many polls and awards. This has made Jaipur the most sought-after destination among couples, solo travelers, and families. Over the last few years, the trend toward solo travel has increased. This is more so among female travelers. A reliable indication of the same represents the rise in the use of the hashtag #solofemaletravel on Instagram among both Indian and female foreign travelers. While researching for information on the Jaipur travel blog or Jaipur travel guide, female travelers discover my blog, Jaipurthrumylens. Many female travelers reach out to me seeking the answer if Jaipur is safe for solo female travelers. This travel blog aims to help female travelers & tourists with reliable information & an authentic guide on Jaipur solo travel.

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Jaipur Solo Travel Guide

For many, traveling with friends and family remains a remarkable way to bond and create memories. There are many people who prefer to travel solo because they live alone and cannot match their travel plans with others. There are a few who find their travel styles do not match with friends or family. Everyone possesses a reason to travel alone. Solo travelers exceptionally love Jaipur because it offers so much. Very few travel destinations offer such a wide choice of things to do and tourist attractions.


Is Jaipur Safe For Solo Female Travelers & Tourists?

Jaipur is as safe as any other city. There cannot be generalizations as stray incidents do happen in all cities be it London, Rio De Janeiro, New York, or Bangkok, to name a few. Jaipur is no exception.

Jaipur is largely safe for solo female travelers if universal travel safety standards are followed. Each year thousands of female travelers visit Jaipur. A few of the safety precautions to follow are:

  • Stay in popular hotels in central locations with good ratings. Check out areas to stay in Jaipur with this post-Hotels in Jaipur | Best areas to stay
  • Avoid venturing out beyond popular areas during late evenings
  • Preferably hire a taxi from hotels or use reliable apps for taxi
  • Stay away from touts on the street near tourist attractions like Hawa Mahal or Jaipur City Palace
  • When in doubt ask a few locals to double-check. Locals are generally happy to help travelers.
  • Popular hostels are safe to stay and help you seek like-minded travelers. A few popular hostels in Jaipur are Moustache, Zostel, and Blue Beds.
  • It is best to arrive in the city during daylight. While Jaipur doesn’t have issues pertaining to safety at the night, most of us do get pressurized into making wrong decisions when time is critical. Also, the options tend to be fewer at night, especially transportation.
  • Expect to be harassed by Tuk-Tuk and drivers, if you arrive via train or bus. It is best to either book an Uber or ask your hotel to send a taxi for a pick-up. It is a little expensive but saves you all the trouble. A good way to check the price quoted by the hotel would be to cross-check with Uber at a similar time.

Is Jaipur good for solo travel?

Jaipur is a desirable destination for solo travelers as it offers a plethora of places to see, experience, and eat.

Which Places are safe to visit alone in Jaipur?

Almost all tourist attractions are safe to visit alone in Jaipur. Avoid visiting places in the dark i.e. Nahargarh Fort after sunset. Do not opt for Amer Fort in the night tourism. While hiking in Jaipur remains a possibility, do not hike solo with just a guide. It is impossible to seek help in the hills around Jaipur when needed. Markets like Johari Bazaar are fine to visit alone.

You can request a solo travel guide PDF by filling out the form at end of this post. Do mention the solo travel guidebook in the detail section. It contains safe areas to visit and areas to avoid for solo travelers in Jaipur, especially female solo travelers.


How to avoid tourist scams in Jaipur

Popular tourist destinations attract scammers, and Jaipur is no exception. While it is not as bad as say, Paris Rome, or London, there are many tourist scams in Jaipur Here are a few tourist scams in Jaipur.

  • Avoid taxis or Tuk-Tuk offering “attractive” hotels or BnB. This is a common scam at train stations and bus stations. At times, they might even take you free because they receive commissions for getting customers. Among the tricks they employ, they might suggest road closure, hotel closure, etc.
  • Most guides will inevitably lead you to tourist shops selling handicrafts, jewelry, gemstones, or fabrics. Tell your guide or driver, you want to enjoy the city attractions and not suggest shopping. Make it clear, you will consider it at the end of the tour when you are relaxed. You have no obligation to buy at these shops. It might make your guide or taxi driver angry but it will save you money and hassle.
  • Never listen to the guys who approach you on the street suggesting road closure, entry issues, etc. It is best to check online. As a secondary measure, look up online for the phone number and call up. Most such guys are touts looking to fool innocent tourists.
  • Never buy at shops near tourist attractions, they typically sell inferior quality at a high price. If you have a local connection in Jaipur, you can seek their suggestion. Buy where locals buy.
  • Perform research. Before you book a hotel, shop, or use services, read reviews online on Tripadvisor and Google. Watch out for red flags like many good raters with one or two reviews. These are usually fake reviewers, Read the detailed reviews, especially, the most recent ones.

Jaipur solo trip itinerary | Places To Visit & Things To Do

These are the tourist attractions and activities I recommend for solo travelers. It is an exhaustive list; it is possible to modify the list based on interest levels and you can create your own solo trip itinerary for Jaipur.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort is a must-visit tourist attraction in Jaipur. If you would like to know what is special about Amer Fort, read this blog on Amer Fort- Why Amer Fort is popular among travelers? This Amer Fort travel guide blog answers all your questions. It is the most comprehensive Amer Fort blog. Read Amer Fort Jaipur | The only travel guide you will need


Nahargarh Fort

I recommend visiting Nahargarh Fort for the great views and splendid sunsets. It is an incredibly popular tourist attraction among locals and travelers. The Madhvendra Palace is beautiful and worth visiting. Read this detailed guide on Nahargarh Fort- Insider’s guide to Nahargarh Fort. If you love sunsets, Nahargarh Fort is one of the most sought-after sunset points in Jaipur. Read Nahargarh Fort sunset travel guide blog- Nahargarh Fort sunset experience.


Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is one of its kind building in the world and is synonymous with the Pink City. While most travelers only get to see this tourist attraction from the outside because most travel companies don’t include a visit inside Hawa Mahal. You can read the detailed blog post guide on Hawa Mahal – The Hawa Mahal Guide

Hawa Mahal picture
Hawa Mahal is shaped like a crown. Inspired by the Mukut or crown of Lord Krishna.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is the world’s most unique solar observatory and a UNESCO World Heritage site dating from the early 18th century. It is astonishing how all these instruments are still functioning with accuracy.


Heritage Walking Tour in Jaipur

I highly recommend a heritage walking tour in Jaipur for those who love exploring and are seeking unique experiences. It fills the void left by most tourist attractions in Jaipur. This stems from my personal experiences during my travels both in India and abroad and led me to start offering these historic heritage walking tours in Jaipur. You might want to read Heritage walk in Jaipur.


Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Ji Temple is highly recommended for the spiritually inclined. The temple is worth a visit, at least once. There are unique aspects of the temple that I have not yet mentioned on my blog since the post on Govind dev Ji Temple was written many years ago; I have shared these with travelers who have reached out to me or have undertaken the heritage walk with me. You are free to reach out to me for the same. You can read my Govind Devji Temple guide- Govind Dev Ji Temple Guide


Kishan Bagh

I recommend Kishan Bagh for nature lovers. It is one of its kind eco-restoration project in India. The brainchild behind Kishan Bagh sand dunes is Mr. Pradeep Krishen. He is a well-known author of many books; Trees of Delhi is one of the most popular books authored by him. Do note a visit to Kishan Bagh sand dunes involves a lot of walking. Read everything you need to know about Kishan Bagh in Jaipur The Most Scenic Point in Jaipur | Kishan Bagh


Smriti Van

Smriti Van is a beautiful rustic forest land in the heart of Jaipur. While I recommend Smriti Van but do note some areas of the forest are not recommended for solo visitors for safety reasons. Do not venture into any valley areas and stick to the main walking routes. It is best to visit during morning hours, the most popular time in this forest land. Read the complete guide Smriti van Guide


Jhalan Leopard Safari

Jhalana Leopard Safari is extremely popular among wildlife lovers. It is one of the few safaris in India where the chances of sighting leopards are very high. This is a reason why the Jhalan Leopard safari gets sold out very fast. Since Jaipur is well-connected as compared to any other wildlife safari, its popularity is gaining with every passing day. Jhalana Forest is within the municipal limits of the city and it is easy to visit.

jhalan forest jaipur

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is immensely popular among female travelers. It is rated as the number one spot among the Instagram-worthy places in Jaipur. Read the detailed guide on Instagram-worthy places in Jaipur – The 5 most Insta-worthy places in Jaipur. Do read the comprehensive in-depth The Patrika Gate travel blog guide – Patrika gate | A snapshot of Rajasthan


Panna Meena Kund Stepwell

Panna Meena Kund was very popular until a few years ago when one could walk down the step-well. It was common to find many pictures of female travelers on Instagram at Panna Meena Kund. Even now, some solo female travelers are able to “manage” permission from the guards present at the site which to me is perplexing. Read all you want to know about this stepwell in Jaipur Panna Meena Kund A Hidden Gem


Fill out the following form to get Jaipur solo travel guide that contains safe areas to visit.

Bar Palladio

Bar Palladio is one of its kind bar-lounge. Its beautiful interiors make it Insta-worthy pictures. This explains its popularity among female travelers. You can read more about Bar palladio- A Chic Bar. Many people enjoy beautiful drinks at Bar Palladio and then head next door for dinner- Shikaar Bagh.


Jaipur Travel Guide PDF

You might want to check out the Jaipur Travel Guide PDF that contains a snapshot. For a detailed guide, you can check the resources below. Download the guide here- Jaipur Travel Guide PDF

More travel resources for Solo travel to Jaipur

You can check out my three Jaipur travel guide blogs. I will provide links here for you to read.

How to explore the best of Jaipur in Two days

Jaipur In One Day

Best Cafe Restaurants And Lounges n Jaipur

Jaipur Shopping Guide


37 thoughts on “Everything You Want To Know About Solo travel to Jaipur

    1. I had been doing these walking tours on and off. I’m doing these tours often now having realised that travelers are seeking such experiences. Most of the tours being offered are quite touristy and lacks authenticity and depth. Well, I thought it is the best use of all the knowledge I gained during my explorations over the last few years. Certainly, there is so much more to explore considering the history of the city. Have you undertaken walking tours? In your own country or elsewhere?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never led one such as we’re talking about, although I used to take groups navigating and map-reading in the countryside. That, of course, is a whole different ball game.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Do join one someday. It is interesting to get another person’t perspective and detailed history. I always pick both styles. I do the guided walks and then I explore on my own where possible. I mark the areas where I need to explore on my own because guided explorations have their own pace. I’m sure there are many good walking tours. If I’m not mistaken, you should check out John Rogers. He has YouTube channel and has authored books. It is all about the history of London. Very interesting stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll give one a go, sometime. I’m not often in a place where there would be one available, but I’ll look out for one when I am. Of course, if I get back to India again, I’ll go to Jaipur and give Arv’s guided walks a try.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This is a great guide Arv and you would be the perfect person to show the sites of Jaipur. I travelled solo a couple of times when I was younger but I found I missed sharing the experiences with someone close. Luckily now I have a life and traveling partner😊 Maggie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Maggie, thank you for the kind comment. I only do the walking tour and I don’t work as a guide; picking only what I feel I’m passionate about and based on my research. I totally get what you mean. You are lucky to have a partner who is in sync with your travel style. Trust me, it is not easy to find someone who shares the same travel style or choices. Looking at your posts, I think you are always traveling (apologies if that is a wrong assumption).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent post especially when you mention following the universal safety standards. It is a shame so many people forget that. I have travelled alone around in India since 1990 off and on, months at a time and never had any issues but I was always horrified by how some travellers behaved. Thank you for reminding people of these things, it is very appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think some things are universal. When you travel to touristy places, you can’t let your guards down. While everyone’s intention are not bad, but using a little logic & intution you can always filter them out. I’m glad you traveled during 1990s in India. It was a different world and guide books were norms rather than mobile phone driven apps. It is hard to believe how travelers used to travel back in the old days without information. As for travelers behaving badly, we will always have them around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have never mentioned via a comment but I have read many of your detailed posts. The subject you chose is so interesting and not much has been discussed or talked even though it is one of the most well documented part of Indian history. Do you find the information by travel accounts? or official records?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the thing that has changed the most is how travellers are with each other. In the 1990s we spent evenings in guesthouses talking to each other, exchanging tips and ideas, planning our routes and even travelling together. I travelled most of India solo, armed with a guidebook and a good map. We had information, but it wasn’t through apps – it was by talking to other travellers! Often we even travelled together, if we were going in the same direction. We were friends, if only for a little while and we relied on each other.
        Nowadays I still have a map and a guidebook and although I do check things on apps, I still feel better organising my travel with a booking agent directly. Most places still have travel desks.
        I have never had any fear of travelling in India, not once in 30 years. There have been strange situations, for sure, but I never felt unsafe. Then again, because I travel alone mostly, I have my own precautions I take – I always ensure I travel at least 2AC on night trains and never arrive anywhere after dark. It sounds silly maybe, but it is more comfortable to arrive in a new place during the day. I don’t take night buses unless I have someone to go with and I don’t go around anywhere at night unless I am in a group. I have a good grasp of Hindi so perhaps that makes it easier for me too.
        Thank you for your kind words about my writing! Yes, it is a very undocumented part of Indian history – I use as many actual sources as I can find, mostly personal accounts and official documents. I also try to get as many Indian sources as I can, but as you say, there are not that many. It has been my passion since I was 16.
        I find your blog very inspirational – you show us Jaipur from an angle most people will never see. It is wonderful to see the city get the recognition it deserves!! Thank you.


      2. Eva, While I haven’t had many experiences of traveling the way you describe, from a different era, initially, I also did it that way. Lonely Planet or Rough Guides were bible for most foreign travelers, and it was hard to find very few travelers who were not carrying one while navigating Jaipur until 2005. I used magazines like Outlook Traveller articles, and later their guide books since they were quite well researched and catered mainly to Indian taste and mindset. I also had Lonely Planet and Rough Guide but only used them for broader information. Back then, a lot of my travels were based on calling hotels and seeking specific information or using travel forums
        I still feel locals are better and accurate with information because they experience the place 365 days!

        Keep compiling and sharing the information. Jaipur was never part of mutiny. A few freedom fighters did take the refuge here but left soon since the British started pestering the rulers here.

        I’m glad you like my blog and enjoy the perspective. Sometimes, when people share how useful my blog has been in their trip planning, the efforts feel worthwhile. Often, people email me this or leave a comment on one of my post. Thanks for appreciating I hope in the “sea of information” about Jaipur, it can help people with right information.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Great. Good to hear that you have been to jaipur many times over the years solo and that it never posed any problem.
        Do you follow any travel rules to stay safe?


  3. A very informative post and one that many should read, Arv. These are some great tips, and I feel the ones on avoiding going to certain places at night and just being more wary at night are very important. That also applies to anywhere in the world after dark. It does seem like one has to be tough and upfront about resisting ‘attractive’ offers be it items or offers to certain places. For me when someone approaches me on the street (be it traveling or even here in Australia), my first instinct is to be very careful and try to keep on walking – even though I know it may come off as rude. Hope all is well with your Arv 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, Mabel. Good to know you are careful even in the city you live in. Even though some might find it rude but safety comes first.
      Do you travel alone, Mabel? or you prefer traveling with family or friends?


      1. Yes, safety should always come first. Good planning goes a long way when traveling. It depends. I’ve travelled alone and with family and friends. Both have its ups and downs. And each trip is always different and special in its own right πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well said. Each trip is unique. Yes, you are right comparing solo and travel with friends & family. I’m glad you enjoy all these types of travels, Mabel. Planning any trips in the near future?


      3. That’s a great place to travel to. For people living in Asia, I feel Europe offers a great travel experience. I highly suggest travel(s) to Europe. Will love to read about your experiences on your blog.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Arv, this is such a helpful post for any solo and even accompanied traveller. I would love to go for your walking tour in Jaipur as you have such in-depth knowledge of your city, its history, culture and its roads.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sarmistha for showing great faith in the walking tours. Indeed, the walking tours are a great way to experience the city and complement the tourist attractions. The walking tours I undertake are based on my explorations over the years and are different from the ones currently offered. I hope you get to experience the heritage walking tour in Jaipur, sometime soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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