Hiking In Jaipur During The Golden Hours

Ever since the lockdown was lifted in June, I have hiked in Jaipur a couple of times. The group-based activities don’t seem like a good option during the pandemic. I have been hiking in Jaipur once every month barring September when the coronavirus cases in the city shot up drastically. This time my point of interest was a delipidated & abandoned building that offers an incredible view during the sunrise. Previous plans to visit this place never materialized.



My plan was to reach at 6.30 AM just in time to witness the sunrise but it didn’t work out. I missed the right trail in the wilderness. Young lads playing cricket in the open clearing assisted with the route.


One of the kids suggested undertaking this trail only with a group as the route is not safe. A leopard struck a kid, the previous week. We were contemplating changing our plans. Just when we were about to leave, a group of hikers was heading in our direction. After a brief conversation with Ajay, their leader, they invited us to join; that’s what we wanted!


The route through the jungle was confusing; there were many trails. Detecting the right one remains a problem if one is visiting for the first time. Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry much about it. After a few minutes, we discovered a cobbled path to follow.


I guess it is an ancient one. A fort in the vicinity overlooks what used to be one of the important entry points to the city. Before Jaipur was founded 300 years ago, this route was part of the Mughal route connecting Agra with Ajmer, a place that Mughal ruler Akbar visited often.


The advice handed out by the young lad was correct. The overgrowth of the Dhok forest provided excellent cover for leopards. There have been regular leopard sightings in this area. I recall the news of a young leopard cub being sighted at the base of this very hill last year. Most likely, he lost his way into the human settlement. As per the news report, there are 10-12 leopards in these hills. Their constant sighting prompts us that human settlements are transgressing into their territory.


The hiking trail is beautiful and rustic; with invigorating weather conditions, the hike is worth every minute. Twenty minutes on this trail steered us to the gates of the abandoned building.


Ajay, who was ushering us into the building started clapping vigorously. He explained his actions “this is necessary to prevent an encounter with wild animals.” I was not surprised. We hastened our steps to the terrace.


The view from the terrace was mesmerizing. We missed the sunrise; the sun had already become a golden ball instead of the reddish-orange one witnesses around sunrise.


My partner and I occupied the eastern corner of the building admiring the views while the group chose another corner with the views of the city. Let me share the picture of the view.


A group consisting of a family of four entered the terrace. The father, Kapil had an inquisitive mind; he threw a barrage of questions – our name, what we did for a living, the locality we lived in, and so on.


I don’t think there is anything better we can do in the morning than enjoy the cool morning breeze and mellow sunlight. This natural dose of vitamin D is good for the mind and body.


After enjoying awesome views & weather it was time for us to leave. We accompanied Kapil who had arrived later; a payback time for him for the time we spent quelling his inquisitiveness. Ajay mentioned he wanted to expend some more time before returning. Well, only if we didn’t have things to tasks to finish, we too would have stayed longer!

Here are a few more pictures as we traced back to the starting point of the hike. I loved this trail interspersed with Anogeissus Pendula and Gum Arabica trees, a few popular trees one finds in the Aravali hill range of Rajasthan.


This is the last picture from this hike and shows the sunrise point from a distance.


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What is your source of Vitamin D?


46 thoughts on “Hiking In Jaipur During The Golden Hours

  1. These hikes that you are doing are really nice. Perks of the Pandemic. Enjoyed the pics. Thank God you didn’t meet any leopard on the way, though that would have been a great story to tell. Many many more sunrises to you from such vantage points.

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    1. I agree Neel these forests and hills provide a great escape from the urban jungle. I have never encountered leopard. The closest one was we ended up at a site where leopard just finished its kill. We just had a leftover, a leg of a deer or a Neelgai to understand where we landed. We made a quick escape. 🙂

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  2. Looks like a great hike and so close to the city. I was surprised by the city view from the rooftop lookout and yet you were surrounded by nature. I wish I knew about the leopards in the forest though before we were there, although we didn’t go for a hike around Jaipur, we usually would have.

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    1. Well, the view is definitely great. I feel sorry that you were not aware of this option. I guess there are many aspects of the city which are kind of lesser known and hidden. I hope you get to visit the city again to enjoy the nature, someday! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Arv, thank you for taking us readers on your splendid “Vitamin D” hike, I really enjoyed each image your have captured. When I was younger sunsets were the most beautiful to me, but since a while I truly enjoy more sunrises, as I have to get up for work before sunrise, there is a certain magic within it. And wow what a view at the city of Jaipur.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post and pictures, Cornelia. I like the name “Vitamin-D” hike! why didn’t I think of this name for the post?
      It is not fair to compare sunrises and sunsets, however, I feel sunrise is always more magical and a surprise. You can never anticipate the beauty of sunrise as it depends on clouds etc. So in that way, I find sunrises to be more promising and uplifting. Sunrise is more of spiritual experience. Someone may differ, though. Are you regular when it comes to watching a sunrise?


      1. Thank you Arv, for your response. That’s why I get to enjoy more the sunrise, because it’s uplifting and a new beginning of the day, therefore a more spiritual experience. For my daily work I get up every day like 5am or 5:30 am , and I enjoy the stillness of the world, just some early birds chirping and slowly the day awakens to it’s tasks. Driving to work, I see on one side the moon going down and on the other side the sun rising, beautiful moments of the universe to enjoy.


  4. The most dangerous thing I’m likely to encounter in our forests is a snake called an adder, venomous yes, but not generally aggressive. It will more often than not slide away if it senses you coming. Stick to recognised trails and you are unlikely to encounter one.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Leopards generally hunt at night, so walking a forest trail before sunrise could be considered rather dangerous. However from the photographs I can see that it was well worth the trip out

    As always stay safe, Arv


  5. An interesting story with such beautiful shots… you always discover such places to hike arv! I love that royal path and the gate to that abandoned building. Didn’t you try to find why was it in such a condition? I am glad the leopards chose to stay away. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I do know a little bit about the building but I haven’t shared much because I’m not sure if it will interest readers. Post Corona, I hike once in a while. However, I write about these selectively. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for taking us with you on this wonderful hike, Arvind.

    Fascinating to know about the leopards in this area. I can assure you even if you were to have a chance encounter, leopards are very shy and elusive and would have left the moment they heard humans.

    So I guess either ways you all were safe. And who knows one might have been watching you all from behind the bushes. :))

    I couldn’t agree more about waking up early and enjoying the bliss of dawn. I am quite a morning person and up by 5/5:30 am myself, but lately with the weather turning I’ve gotten a tad lazy. But I know I’ll kick back on my habit soon.

    You have a wonderful weekend ahead. It was fabulous to see you on #WW this time. Thanks for joining with this post.

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    1. I agree leopards are shy creatures and attack only in rare instances. As a general rule, I stopped solo hiking in the hills a few months since I started for safety reasons. The trails are not marked and mobile networks are often not available.

      Happy to know that you are a morning person. I’m sure you will be back to the usual routine. Thanks for the wishes, always happy to joing you all. 🙂

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