Mughal Influence In Jaipur Architecture


I’m sharing a picture of Chhatri from Sri Goverdhan Nathji Temple in Jaipur. The paintings on its surface have a strong Mughal flavor. The vase and box design on the facade in the curvilinear Bangledar Chhatri can be traced to the Mughal architecture.



A similar pattern is also present in Amer Fort. The floral paintings on arches also hint towards Mughal influence. Here is a picture of Sukh Mahal from Amer Fort.


Why Amer and Jaipur architecture has a strong Mughal influence?

The presence of Mughal influence in Jaipur architecture is attributed to two reasons. Firstly, the dominance of Mughal rule over a large part of the Indian subcontinent which lasted a few centuries was bound to have an impact on architecture. Secondly, Jaipur court or rather Amer court was a close ally of the Mughal rulers. Kacchawa rulers fought many wars as commanders of the Mughal army. This too was bound to influence architecture in Amer and Jaipur.

Despite Mughal influence, Jaipur architecture developed into a distinct style by blending Rajput and Mughal elements.

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