Jaipur Sunrise| Cyclone Vardah Effect

The  “Vardah” grabbed headlines in the news, this week. For those who have not heard about the  Cyclone Vardah, it was a category 1 cyclone that pounded the  Coromandel coast in India as well as some countries in South East Asia. Category 1 indicates that cyclone was severe & extreme. Luckily, advanced warning of the Cyclone Vardah ensured little causalities in India. While Jaipur is almost 2000 Km away from the Coromandel Coast, it disturbed the weather cycle here, as well. It’s mid-December and still warm; you can do without the winter clothes, at the moment. The overcast sky too was its side effect. But it was perfect for capturing this lovely play of lights between the Sun, clouds, and sun-rays!

The Vardah effect. Posted for Skywatch Friday. Captured in Jaipur, India


And yet, another…..

Sunrays. Posted for Skywatch Friday. Captured in Jaipur, India

This one captures the brilliance of sun-rays, perfectly! What do you think?

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58 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunrise| Cyclone Vardah Effect

  1. The situation was same across India. My city saw an early onset of winters and we were seeing 12 continuous days of fog. Then suddenly cyclone Vardah landed in Chennai and the weather decided to clear ….. we had three full days of sun and comfortable temperatures and today again we woke up in dense fog.


      1. Hi Anuradha! Thanks for being so kind and considerate. Yes there has been severe damage in Chennai with more than 3500 trees being uprooted and electricity woes and so on. spoke with friends in Chennai about the situation.No plans to visit Chennai, currently. Thanks again for your kind concern; much appreciated 🙂

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    1. I’m happy you liked both. We didn’t experience the cyclone. It hit the eastern coast which is 2000 km away from Jaipur but the local weather system was disturbed.
      I believe you love nature!

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    1. Hi! Entire Chennai was hit affected. Gust and wind in excess of 120/km caused lot of damage. Luckily, very low damage in terms of the human life. I don’t think you need to postpone your trip. Check for the weather forecast and get in touch with your friends /contacts to assess the precise situation. If sea is rough, do avoid.


  2. I was stunned that the weather affected Jaipur, 2000 km away when the Wardah cyclone hit Chennai.Winds at 114km/hr and uprooted trees across the city and surrounding areas.It was the night when Chennai was plunged in darkness and power supply has still not been fully restored.Two days after it hit the coast it was pouring rain in the rest of Tamil Nadu.
    Thank You for a post which says, “I care”.

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    1. I did speak to people I know in Chennai and yes electricity is available on and off. I hope its all good with you.
      We didn’t face much issue except overcast sky and warm weather -unusual for this time of the year

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    1. Yes, Indeed….Thank You Jennifer! sometimes, camera captures the picture better than what our eyes can…and at times, it’s the other way around!
      It was a good start of the weekend Jennifer, I saw an amazing sunrise, and captured it too. will share the image. Hope you’re having a great weekend too. It’s snowing in US and so I assume Canada too must have had its share 🙂

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      1. That’s so true Arv, sometimes it’s the camera or our eye that captures the best shot 🙂 Wow, I would love to see the sunrise photo, what time do you have to wake up to get out on time for that? My weekend is going well, busy getting ready for Christmas and yes we have tons of snow here, about 25 cm on the ground here and it hasn’t stopped snowing all week!! The first day of winter isn’t even here yet! 😛 I have a feeling I’ll be hiding under my blanket a lot this winter 🙂

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      2. Sure, I’ll post that Jennifer. Generally, if the drive time is 15-20 minutes,getting up 1-1.5 hours prior to sunrise works good. So it’s 4.30 AM in summers and 5.30 Am in winters.
        I haven’t had many encounters in snow. It does look exciting with the kind of setting you get with snowfall and everything covered with the snow but after a point it’s more of a nuisance than fun! That’s one of the reasons I have always stayed away from trekking in winters! But may be someday, I’ll get over this feeling and try….

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      3. Yes, snow is bittersweet sometimes Arv, it looks so nice from inside or in pictures but outside it’s freezing!! 😛

        Sunrise pictures are so lovely, and waking up early means true dedication to them 🙂

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