Jaipurthrumylens!! is now on GPSmyCity is often visited by potential travelers seeking information on Jaipur, places to visit, and so on. Visitors are often directed via Google to while searching for information related to Jaipur.

Though the internet is a great resource, it presents its own set of problems. How do you access an article previously read on a later date say when you are actually in Jaipur? There’s too much information available on the internet & one ends up getting bewildered by it. The sheer amount of time one wastes searching for the same set of information is another problem in itself. Bookmarking can be one option but it’s not always feasible.

Considering these issues, I’m happy to announce that from now on, selected posts from are now available for free download on an iOS-based travel app called GPSmyCity.


What is GPSmyCity?

GPSMyCity is an app for iPhone and iPad which creates walk routes as well as city guides for more than 700 cities across the world, covering almost all major city attractions, restaurants, shops & markets. On GPSmyCity you can read thousands of inspiring travel articles written by travel writers, bloggers, and locals from all over the world. GPSmyCity app apart from offering interesting travel stories and insider tips on the destinations you plan to visit, also guides you to the point of interest described in the articles courtesy of the included offline maps and GPS navigation assistance. It uses a GPS tracking system on your iPhone to follow your progress on the route to ensure that you don’t get lost. Many of their city guides now have links to articles covering various aspects of the city like popular tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and walking routes.


Benefits of using GPSmyCity

Considering that we are increasingly dependent on Google Maps during our travel, it is important that articles & blog posts should be linked with Google Map. GPSmyCity is an iOS-based app that helps one download selected write-ups from as well as many other blogs, which can be read at a later date as per convenience even when internet access is not available. All this is free!! So no worries about using an expensive data plan during your travel!

For a small fee, you can upgrade & download articles with embedded google map coordinates, so finding any tourist attraction, restaurants, market or important landmarks is never a problem.


App Giveaway!

For a limited period, you can download these posts in an upgraded version for free. To access these, download GPSmyCity from AppStore. Currently, following posts from Jaipurthrumylens!! are available for free with GPS co-ordinates

Ghat Ki Guni….. In a Class of Its Own!

Insider’s Guide to 5 Must-See Places in Jaipur / In a Day

Must-Visit Cafe To Experience in Jaipur

Gad Ganesh Temple, Jaipur…. Imposing!

Kanak Vrindavan Temple and Garden- Part 1/ Natwar Ji Temple

Free Giveaway is available from 19 December 2016 to 25 December 2016, only!

Download Now!

Will love to hear your views and reviews, both!

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36 thoughts on “Jaipurthrumylens!! is now on GPSmyCity

  1. Congratulation. This is a wonderful news! Now people can reach your work faster and easier! I really appreciate people’s efforts to tune in with technology. (Though i respect and prefer old school way too.)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank You Mana! It took me quite some time to understand and accept the offer from GPmyCity team. I decided to accept the offer because without readers, my posts have no meaning. I would like tourists to be benefited with my write-ups!
      Don’t worry, whenever you decide to visit Jaipur, I’ll help you around apart from the app! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Recently I discarded most travel guides, articles and maps we had (at our place) in an old sturdy suitcase. My mother asked me to have a look and manage them. My whole family is a travel lover. So we actually used many of them. When i had a look at the brochures etc., I thought how easy it was to choose places in a particular place. I also found correspondence of my father with different state tourism departments. They were all personalised and made me fell calm as things were done with much care and not hazardously like they are done these days.

        Will surely have to visit Jaipur some day and take a well planned tour with your help. But as of now, i am consoling myself by taking up visiting one monument at a time (Sunday in my case) of my city.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I know how much fun it was in old times when one would receive reply by snail mail after days unlike instant revert now!
        It’s a great initiative mana. Being tourist in your own city is fun too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It is fun indeed! And you know what I found in my recent trip? How they were preserving stone walls and sculptures of a temple! They were finely crushing red stone and then adding many herbs (a list of which I noted) and then making a paste in a huge चक्की that ran by bullocks. I saw it all. And will be making a post on it sooner or later.

        As for snail mail, i very much use it on purpose just for the sheer excitement it gives.

        Liked by 2 people

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