The Divine Lights & Sunrise In Jaipur

It was around sunrise on a Sunday morning. I was ascending a hill along with my trekking buddies on the outskirts of Jaipur. Dark clouds covered the sky with no sign of a Sunrise. A thought flashed in my mind – no sunrise to capture today? With no trail to follow as we were trekking, I was negotiating with rocks & monsoon foliage. I was almost halfway on this hill when I saw this amazing flash of light on my right side.

captured this view while trekking near Jaipur

The sunlight was beaming through the dark clouds; quite like Divine Light! It reminded me of a quote by Amy Leigh Mercree.

Let go of rejections and focus on self-reflection. For it is within that you will find the light you seek.

Divine Light/ Friday Skywatch

While I missed capturing sunrise on this day but it was more than compensated with this view. What do you think?

What is Divine Light?

Divine light is interpreted differently by people based on their beliefs and conviction. Probably a spiritual connection. Some people think that a divine force is trying to connect with us or sending us a message. I would like to mention here the word Prakāśa used by followers of Shaivism who associate it with the transcendental experience. In simple terms, the word Prakash means light. I think being able to experience such Divine light is the closest spiritual experience we all can have. Certainly, it’s not common. Probably a chance event!

Posted for Friday Skywatch

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Divine light/ Skywatch Friday. Sunrise quote














53 thoughts on “The Divine Lights & Sunrise In Jaipur

  1. Divine light, very rarely we encounter such situations in life and suddenly we find speechless and awe stuck with such magical turn of events in nature and when it happens it takes us on an imagery voyage. Beautifully captured view…

    It had happened to me when I was in a hill station and everything look calm and composed when there was sudden gush of wind and cloud and the sky become dark but from no where one could see the piercing sunlight emerging as if the light is straight from the divine.

    The quote by Amy Leigh Mercree says it all and rejections vs. reflection such powerful paradox and has so much ammunition to fire at us.

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    1. I’m happy to know that you have experienced this magical natural phenomena. I feel such occurrences are necessary for us to understand that there’s something powerful out there. It may be known by the name of nature, almighty….the list is quite long, actually! Thanks for sharing your point of view, Nihar! I enjoy these conversations. 🙂


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