Best Coffee Cafés In Jaipur For Coffee Lovers

In one of my earlier blogs on Jaipur, I mentioned tea is a popular beverage in Jaipur. Over the years, coffee is the preferred choice among young people, resulting in the opening of new coffee shops in Jaipur. Jaipur Cafés run in three digits, but only a few serve good coffee. After exploring many new cafés, here are the best coffee shops & cafes in Jaipur. The hallmark of the best coffee cafe is having its own roasting facility & sourcing the best coffee beans; four of the coffee cafes listed below have this facility. Few cafes are picky about the origin of coffee beans or are able to procure them owing to logistic or financial reasons. Here are the best coffee places in Jaipur.

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A Latte, Cappuccino, and Mocha at Curious Life Coffee Roasters

The best Cafes For Coffee In Jaipur

Here is the list of the cafes serving the best coffee in Jaipur.

  • Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Curious Life is one of the first cafés in Jaipur to offer single-origin coffee; it has an in-house roasting facility for coffee beans and provides its customers with many brewing options. Many people are of the opinion that Curious Life Coffe Roasters serves the best coffee in Jaipur. One of the reasons why Curious Life serves the best coffee is because the owner, Neeraj Sheoran is an ardent coffee lover and a perfectionist. Can it be because he has served in the army for many years in Africa? You have to uncover it yourself!


I wrote about Curious Life in 2015, you can read this here Curious Life Coffee Roasters | Best place for coffee in Jaipur? They have opened a considerably bigger outlet in C-Scheme, which is packed with coffee lovers. If you are visiting Curious Life during the weekend, expect a long waiting period. In my opinion, their Vietnamese Cold Brew is one of the best.

The new Curious Life Coffee Roasters outlet on Sarojini Marg, C-Scheme.
Interiors of the First outlet of Curious Life Coffee Roasters in Jaipur
  • Half-Light Coffee Roasters Jaipur

Half-Light Coffee Roasters is a recent entrant to specialize in single-origin coffee. The owners have been in the wholesale business of supplying coffee for quite some time now, and opening an outlet represents a logical progression.

Half-Light Coffee Roasters

Having been to Half-Light Coffee Roasters a couple of times, I have enjoyed a consistent experience. The cafe uses quality ingredients, and it shows in its popularity. The cafe is almost always buzzing. Many coffee lovers in Jaipur feel Half-Life Coffee Roasters serves the best coffee in Jaipur and not Curious Life Coffee Roasters. I think this is a personal choice. On the other hand, finding a parking space in the vicinity on some days is difficult. The cafe has moved to a new location in the vicinity and the pictures of Half-Life Coffee Roasters in this post are of the old location.

Outdoor seating- Half-Light Coffee Roasters
  • Rustic By OTH

I have already written a full post on Rustic by OTH. Read What makes Rustic By OTH the most promising new cafe in Jaipur?

best hot coffee in jaipur rustic by oth zomato review
Rustic By OTH

Rustic By OTH cannot be compared with Curious Life Coffee Roasters because it offers a lot more. It is a full-service cafe and not merely a coffee shop. However, the placement on the ground floor does hint at offering more than a cafe experience.

best place to have coffee in jaipur rustic by oth

Rustic by OTH offers the specialty coffee brand DEVI, as its USP.  I have been disappointed with their Turkish coffee though. South Indian Filter Coffee was just an average experience. However, the rest of the things have been good. What I typically enjoyed is the fact they offer more value by way of quantity. Another plus is the vast assortment of food that one can order which other café don’t offer. I never encountered any problem as far as finding a table was concerned. Rustic is one of the best cafes in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

  • Sutra Coffee Jaipur

Sutra is one of the most recent additions to the list of the best coffee cafe in Jaipur. Sutra is a venture of Dushyant Singh, the owner of OTH and Rustic by OTH. This is a reason why one is served coffee with Sutra-branded mugs in OTH. The concept of specialty coffee outlets started with Curious Life Coffee Roasters in 2015. Over the last six years, many contemporary players have come up. Curious Coffee and Half-Light Coffee still command a loyal following. Sutra is trying to break this duopoly. And they are working quite hard. The best Cortado coffee in Jaipur can be relished at Sutra Coffee. There aren’t many cafes in Jaipur offering Cortado.


This is what Sutra mentions on its website. “Sutra means ‘thread’. The thread that connects stories and storytellers. We equate ‘Sutra’ with ‘togetherness’ because you cherish eternal memories over a cup of coffee with your loved ones.”


If you are serious about your coffee, Sutra Coffee addition offers coffee courses including a Barista course in Jaipur apart from a home brewing course. I can definitely recommend Sutra Coffee as the best coffee cafe in C-Scheme in Jaipur.

  • The Little Coffee Shop

The little coffee shop is one of the hidden gems of Jaipur for coffee lovers. Very few locals have heard of this small cute Jaipur coffee shop.


It is tucked in a narrow lane called Chameliwala Market on MI Road. In the 1980s and 90s, this market was a backpacker haven. There were many low-cost lodging options for foreign travelers. With abundant hostels spread all over Jaipur now, all that has changed. It’s a well-known place for silver jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. The Little Coffee Shop is a venture of one such exporter.


Even though it is a small coffee shop, they accomplish their job very well. If you are seeking a “hidden place in Jaipur” or “secret places in Jaipur” The Little Coffee Shop is a good place to visit.

  • Roastery Coffee House Jaipur

Roastery Coffee chain from Hyderabad is the newest addition to the best coffee place in Jaipur. Located in C-Scheme, it is always buzzing and packed. Apart from Jaipur, they also have a presence in Kolkata and Lucknow. There are many people who associate Roastery with good coffee, especially in Hyderabad. I feel Roastery needs to tweak its menu to provide options; for example, they don’t serve Cortado which is now becoming popular. One of the most unique and popular offerings of Roastery Coffee in Jaipur is Cranberry coffee, very popular with its female customers.


The most unique elements of this cafe are that it is situated in an old mansion and it has a stepwell.


Which place serves the best coffee in Jaipur?

My preferred cafe for coffee is Coffee Sutra. I love their coffee, ambiance, hospitality, and the vibe of the place. I love its interiors and seating space. I also enjoy the coffee from Half-Life Coffee Roasters.


Rustic By OTH is the sole cafe offering specialty coffee in the Malviya Nagar area. Even though Costa Coffee is present in World Trade Park, I wouldn’t put it on par with the ones listed above.


This is what I like, and unfortunately, it is rare to find good South Indian filter coffee in Jaipur. But here is one place where you can have one, check it out in the Best Restaurants and Cafes in Jaipur.

Filter coffee 

I hope you are able to visit these popular coffee places n Jaipur. Finally, here is a super message from Half-Light Coffee Roasters!


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    1. Certainly, Anokhi is a great place. I also recommend this place. I have included it in the post of best cafe and restaurants in Jaipur. Since this post is about speciality coffee places so not included it here. I’m sure you will the vibe at Curious Life and Half light cafe.


  1. I think I have visited the Rustic by OTH from the looks of it. I can’t really recollect the name, but the decor match the image I have in my mind. It was a nice place indeed. All the places mentioned here looks great.


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