Jester | Teej Festival Jaipur

I find it ironic that in spite of living in Jaipur for years, I never witnessed the famous procession of Teej and Gangaur festivals; both lures tourists from around the world. To cover up for what I missed, I decided to join the crowd in the street of Tripolia Bazaar to witness Teej procession. It is challenging to click pictures on the street because finding an ideal spot for photography is tough. To add to the woe, pedestrian traffic is unrestricted during the procession.

I was clicking pictures with a smartphone and a man with a camel from the procession decided to pose for a funny picture.

Man with a camel in Teej festival procession

A blogger friend shared a picture of the above man clicked by her thereafter. She captured him in an ecstatic mood.

man in traditional dress in teej fstival jaipur

Probably, posing for the previous picture represents his significant win! What do you think?

Here is another picture from the Teej Procession for those who have never heard or seen one. For the uninitiated, read this to know more about Teej Festival


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48 thoughts on “Jester | Teej Festival Jaipur

  1. As I read this post I wondered that Teej is a festival celebrated by the Nepali people (the link proved me right). I have seen the celebrations is Shillong by the Nepali community. Surprised to see the celebrations in Jaipur as well.


    1. I’m not surprised if Nepal celebrates Teej too because it has a large Hindu population. Also, Lord Shiva is highly revered and Teej is all about Shiva and Parvati. Are celebrations any different?

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      1. It’s an important festival for the Nepali community so I am sure they celebrate it in a grand way. In Shillong, people would smear their foreheads with rice and vermillion. Young children would come to our doorstep to sing and dance 🙂

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  2. Sometimes it takes others to tell us about what’s going on in our backyard. But honestly from reading your blogs it seems that Jaipur is celebrating one festival or other every day so it would naturally make sense to skip a few that do not concern you .

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    1. There is always something going on here in Jaipur. The city is vibrant when it comes to culture, art, and religion. It is just not possible to keep pace with the happenings. Especially when you have work to take care of. I suppose even Mumbai is quite vibrant. Is that so?


    1. I agree. Sometimes we are just not in a mood. At other times, we have work to attend to. Being a local doesn’t mean you are always free. But it is nice sometimes to be a tourist in your own city. Isn’t it?


  3. Arv, your pictures always speak and today is no different. I have heard of the Teej but haven’t heard of the procession. It must be very interesting to watch the colourful procession and I feel every festival in Jaipur or the whole of Rajasthan is so colourful.

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    1. Sarmistha, pictures can never do justice to what we can see and experience. This picture is merely a glimpse of the big procession. I hope to showcase the entire set of pictures that I clicked, very soon. I agree Rajasthan is synonymous with colors, Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sarmistha.
      By the way, I was reading about the Rajput Maratha wars which took place many times in 1700-1800s. Have you heard about them since you live in Pune?


  4. That first shot is quite a shot, Arv. Must have been spur of the moment and good timing. I could see that photo on a tourism magazine or brochure. Sometimes in such atmosphere a smartphone is the best camera to have and you did well with it. Not every day you see such a photo.

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    1. I agree. It’s a chance photo and rightly put by you – spur of the moment. Smart phone has changed the photography industry. Do you use a lot for pictures?


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