Naila Village |Pre-Dawn Sky

I clicked the following pictures of sunrise in Naila village near Jaipur. The Sunrise was about to take place; the sky looked amazing with a variety of hues and shades. The hills surrounding Naila village added to the landscape. An old rampart on these hills protects the Naila fort which is now owned by the famous hoteliers – The Oberois. It’s a private-owned fort not accessible for the public.

Sky at Naila village during the pre-dawn hours.



The air around the village is polluted due to the chimneys of brick making units in the surroundings. Here is a detailed post on Naila village – Naila- A village tucked away in time.

Naila village is located 30 km from Jaipur and shot into limelight with the visit of Bill Clinton, then US president in 2000.

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