Bel Fruit & tree

The Bael |Sacred Summer Fruit

One fruit many names! Aegle Marmelos, Bael, Golden Apple, Stone Apple, Wood apple, Bilva, Bilpathre, Bel, Bel Patra. Fruit and vegetable markets in Jaipur are currently witnessing an ample supply of Bael fruit.

Bel Fruit & tree
Bel Fruit

Bel tree is native to the Indian Subcontinent and grown widely across India, It has immense religious and medicinal importance. Its fruit is used in traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine system and specifically in gastrointestinal treatments apart from many other therapeutic uses. The tree and fruit also have immense importance in the Hindu religion, as it is offered to Lord Shiva. Bel leaves are Lord Shiva’s favorite leave & therefore used in worship.

Bel tree is quite hardy and can tolerate a wide temperature range. Its fruit has a very unique fruity flavor and taste. The outer shell is very hard and requires quite some effort to break it open.

If you haven’t tasted this fruit…you must! Some people prefer to eat pulp while others enjoy in the form of juice or shake. Bel juice and shake is quite easy to find in shops serving juices during the summer months of May and June in Jaipur!

The above picture was clicked at Charan Mandir, Jaipur. Bel Tree is commonly grown in temple premises due to its religious importance.

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