jaipur hiking

Sheoram/ care taker of temple

jaipur trekking

While trekking around in Jaipur, early morning on a Sunday, we reached a beautiful spot which is devoid of human activity as its located deep in the jungle. It takes more than an hour to reach this place, traversing through the jungle and hills on foot. We found this interesting looking person who seemed to be quite gentle and soft spoken. We have been to this place earlier too, but this was the first time we met him. He was relaxing in his small house located on the edge of the hill. There are two temples in the vicinity, which are taken care of by this person called -sheoram.

whats your name?


do you live here in this house?


I have visited this place couple of times before too, but never met you.

  I have to visit the city, too….to get supplies & food

  So what do you do?

  I used to ride a cycle rickshaw couple of years back. Now I don’;t.

You’;ve been living here all your life?

  No! for last 15-20 years.

  Where are you originally from?


why did you decide to live here, in such a secluded spot?

I used to visit this place since I was a kid & I like it here. Years back a baba used to reside here.

Do leopards frequent this area?

  No, I have not seen any, and if they do they never stay here for long.

And anti social elements?

Anyone can come here.

 How much time does it take you to reach the city?

  Around an hour.

what do you do here?

I  undertake  aarti & puja in both temples. You must visit the Hanuman ji temple located at the lower level, its an old temple, at least few centuries old. In case, you need water it is available.

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