jaipur heritage building

Araish Work In Heritage Havelis Of Jaipur

I’m posting a picture clicked in the old city area popularly called the walled city of Jaipur. The arch and pillars in this picture remind me of the old buildings in the walled city especially the ones in Johari Bazar. This is a  typical architectural style common across the heritage Havelis & buildings in the city area of Jaipur.

jaipur heritage
Araish work & Pillars inside a heritage building, Jaipur

The black border on the wall in the background is reminiscent of the great workmanship of the bygone era. The surface finishing technique used on the floor and wall using lime was unique in this region and is called Araish (plaster technique). It replicates the finish found in the white marble, especially the one originating from the Makrana region in Rajasthan. It’s hard to reproduce Araish work now because of the lack of skilled workmen and the cost involved. The restoration of heritage buildings with Araiash work is, therefore, a big challenge.


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