Janmashtami Celebrations In Jaipur

Today is Janmashtami – the birthday of Bhagwan Krishna. Krishna is a highly revered deity in Jaipur. As the Pink City is preparing for Janmasthmi celebrations, let me take you around a few heritage temples and show you ongoing preparations for the Janmashtami celebrations in Jaipur.

Announcing the event on street pole with Hawa Mahal background

The banners announcing the celebrations are everywhere in the walled city area of Jaipur. Here is a picture from Sirehdyodi Bazaar near Hawa Mahal.

Banners in Sirehdyodi Bazar, Jaipur

Krishna Temple in Jaipur

Here are pictures from the old temples in Jaipur. Some of these are part of the Krishna circuit walking tour in Jaipur.

Anand Bihari Ji Temple 

The scene from Anand Bihari Ji Temple, Chandni Chowk, City Palace complex, Jaipur during the early morning.

anandbihari temple jaipur
Preparations were underway at Anand Bihari Temple Jaipur

If you want to see more pictures from Anand Bihari Ji temple, read Rang Malhaar at Anand Bihari Ji Temple

Brij Nidhi Temple Jaipur

Here’s a picture of Brij Nidhi Temple all decked up for Janmashtami celebrations.

heritage temple in jaipur
Decoration at Brij Nidhi temple, Jaipur
brijnidhi temple jaipur
Brijnidhi Temple Jaipur- Ready for celebrations!
krishna temple in jaipur
Brij Nidhi Temple, Jaipur
lord krishna temple in jaipur
Ready for celebration, Brij Nidhi Temple, Jaipur

If you don’t know where is Chandni Chowk in Jaipur, here is a picture.


Sri Ramchandra Temple in Sirehdyodi Bazaar

The preparations at Sri Ramchandra Temple in Sirehdyodi Bazaar seem to be on a grand scale! It’s quite understandable. Shri Ramchandra Temple is the grandest heritage temple of Lord Krishna in Jaipur. Its architectural style & marble carvings are astounding. It replicates the grandeur of a palace.

Even though Govind Devji temple is the most popular temple in Jaipur, Sri Ramchandra Ji Temple has its own charm and appeal. The office of Devesthan Vibhag is situated on its premises in one of the courtyards.

Entrance to Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur
heritage-temple-jaipur-sirehdyodi bazar
Inside Ramchandra Temple, Jaipur
Ramchandra Temple Jaipur
Preparations underway! Ramchandra temple Jaipur


poles in Sirehdyodi Bazar Jaipur

Krishna temples in the city are all decked up & ready for the celebrations. When it comes to Janamasthami celebrations, it looks like the people of Jaipur are ready to celebrate it in a grand way! You might also want to read the following post – Why Govind Dev Ji is the most popular temple in Jaipur 

Govind Dev JI Temple Janmasthami Celebrations

Every year a procession or Shobha Yatra starts from Govind Dev Ji temple as a part of Janmashtami celebrations in Jaipur. The procession passes through the bazaars and streets of the walled city. Here are a few pictures of this procession.

Decorated camels along with the entourage! Janmashtami procession at Govind Dev Ji temple, Jaipur
Picture of the idol of Krishna and Radha from the procession on the occasion of Janmashtami.
Decorated elephant for the procession on Janmasthmi celebrations in Jaipur. 

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    1. Thanks for checking it out! Despite the fact that lately Hindu religion has come under reevaluation from modern perspective and some mal practices it embodies, there are wonderful aspects that are yet to be understood. I’m sure there are many things that are yet to be fully understood by modern science -faith and religion! How it was central to human life and society in those times? I’m simply amazed by the workmanship and sheer number of Lord Krishna temples built by rulers over period of years!

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