Weekly Photo Challenge- (Extra)ordinary/ Pigeons/ Albert Hall

I clicked these pictures, exactly a year ago!

This is a picture of famous monument in Jaipur Albert hall! It’s a state museum.

Albert Hall museum, Jaipur

Albert Hall is a popular site among people who love to feed birds and pigeons specifically!For many people, feeding pigeons is a part of daily ritual which explains pigeons in large number around this monument.

Watch out for (extra)ordinary!

Spotted a white pigeon, right in front of this monument.

White Pigeon in front of the Albert Hall museum, Jaipur.                                               

In last few months, the local authorities have been renovating the walkways around this monument. As a result, the area used for feeding pigeons is now covered with a pathway.

(This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo challenge – (Extra)ordinary ). For more pictures visit (Extra)ordinary!



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