weekly photo challenge jaipur

Acacia Trees In Jaipur Jungle

This Acasia tree in Jaipur can be found in plenty in the forest here. Its thorn is deadly & is capable of piercing through the sole of your shoes as it is long & sharp! So one needs to watch out for thorns on the surface. The tree is not restricted to Jaipur only, rather its found across the semi-arid area of Rajasthan. I’m not 100% sure but this tree is supposed to be Prosopis julifloraThese pictures show that you have to be careful while hiking around Jaipur city.


A tree full of thorns

weekly photo challenge jaipur
Thorns on a tree near Jaipur

This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo challenge – careful 


8 thoughts on “Acacia Trees In Jaipur Jungle

    1. Tina!’m sure this one is no match for cacti..Out here many of the hardy trees have thorns! It makes hiking “painful” & there’s no other way around!


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