Sky waltz hot air balooning over Jaigarh fort

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur

This week I’m sharing a picture of a hot air balloon ride over Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur. Jaigarh fort is huge which is evident from this picture as well. Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur is conducted by sky waltz.

Sky waltz hot air balooning over Jaigarh fort
Hot Air Balloons over Jaigarh Fort. (click for enlarged view of picture)

I clicked this picture in low light conditions barely a few minutes after the sunrise. Had I clicked this picture after half an hour, the resultant shot would have been marvelous. Jaigarh Fort and Sky Waltz hot air balloons illuminated by morning sunrays look vibrant. Here is a picture of Jaigarh Fort soon after sunrise. This one captures the road from Jaigarh Fort to Amer Fort.


Just a thought. In reality, that will never happen. The hot air balloons take off when it is still dark from their launching spot near Amer fort. This is a reason why I decided to capture the scene in less than perfect conditions. Well! we all have to live with some imperfection! Isn’t it true?

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