Garh Ganesh Temple | Blue Hour Photography

Continuing from my earlier post on Blue Hour Photography –Amer/Blue Hour Photography, I’m posting this week, a set of 3 pictures clicked during the blue hours. These pictures capture Gad Ganesh Temple and the surrounding areas.

People head to the Gad Ganesh temple for fantastic & expansive views of the city, especially during Sunrise or Sunset. I chose to view Gad Ganesh temple during the blue hour, for a change!! And this is what I captured while the city was sleeping!!

Blue hour! Overlooking the hills around Gad Ganesh temple towards Delhi highway.
Blue hour!  Gad Ganesh temple, Jaipur can be seen on right side.
Blue hour photography. The path that leads to Gad Ganesh temple and Jaipur city beyond.

Gad Ganesh Temple has a huge following as  the temple predates Jaipur city!! It’s  pretty common to find the devotees huffing their way up through the stairs before sunrise!! The old steps leading to the temple are quite steep. Few stairs are enough to set your heart racing!!!

The alternative route which was laid out a few years ago is not so steep but it’s much longer. Most of the devotees choose the alternative path!! On Sundays, the number of devotees heading to the Gad Ganesh temple swells up. Unlike other temples,devotion to Gad Ganesh temple demands physical labor through steep/ long climb!  But it’s worth it!!

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10 thoughts on “Garh Ganesh Temple | Blue Hour Photography

    1. Joyful! These shades of light can be seen only during small window which doesn’t last more than 5-7 minutes. In winters, it’s even shorter. thanks for visiting this blog and checking it out! Have a great weekend!


    1. Indah! Blue hour is much more majestic than sunrise. But this term is unknown to the people and so is the visual as getting up early is not everyone’s cup of tea!


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