jal-mahal-conservation initiative

Evironmental Concern/Jal Mahal & Mansagar Lake

Following pictures were clicked at Mansagar lake where the world-famous  Jal Mahal is located. Every day hundreds of people visit Mansagar lake around Jal Mahal to feed resident fish. It’s a common sight to find people throwing biscuits, flour, and bread into the lake water, right from the early morning till late evening. People doing so, hardly understand the effect of their actions.

jal mahal jaipur


jal mahal conservation
Feeding fishes, Mansagar Lake, Jaipur
Family throwing bread pieces into the Mansagar Lake
working for earning some good karmas!!!
lake conservation at jal mahal
Mansagar Lake. facilitating polluters?
jal-mahal-conservation initiative
Mansagar Lake. polluters threatening ecology!!

Someone might argue that feeding another living organism is a good act? It’s good karma, after all? From a religious or humane point of view, it might be an acceptable or desirable act. But from an environmental aspect, it’s a disaster in the making!  Apart from feeding fish, empty bread and biscuit wrappers can be found all around the lake adding to the litter! People are not bothered when it comes to disposing of litter in a responsible manner! It’s a shame!!!

All this needs to STOP!!

If you want to know more about Jal Mahal or the water palace in Jaipur, Read this post – Inside Jal Mahal


11 thoughts on “Evironmental Concern/Jal Mahal & Mansagar Lake

  1. I visited Jaipur in August 2015 and passed down the lake from the KK Royal hotel en route to the city palace. The lake is quite peaceful from the road wherein you can also see the camel-rides along its thoroughfare. The camels and the camel drapes were quite shabby and worn out – it did not make me ride. It would have been a good addition to Jaipur activities.

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    1. Priyankamoraes! Although it might sound downright negative but sometimes I feel -Never! Even people who are educated and have read basic civic (sense) as a school subject, don’t think twice about littering. And this is surely a sad thing.

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