World Environment day/ Things that matter

World environment day?

Today is  World Enviorment day. People will celebrate this day with tree plantations, forwarding environment related messages on  whatsapp, presentations, talk shows and seminars etc.

Are these activities making any impact? Sadly, the answer is NO!

Fact is, we humans are stubborn and chained by our habits. We don’t like changing our lifestyle which makes us uncomfortable. Important question to ask is what are we personally  doing for the environment?

I’m sharing three pictures to highlight some of the environmental issues here in  Jaipur.


  1. Nahargarh Hills


This  picture was shot at Nahargarh road which leads to Nahargarh Fort. This 6 Km  road is  Jaipur’s biggest “Open Air Bar”. Youngsters love to drive here with  friends along with their drinks. They love to enjoy awesome city view from Nahargarh Hills along with their favorite beer or whiskey. This is what draws people to Nahargarh hills

View from Nahargarh Hills

No issues with that, everyone is free to enjoy within legal limits. But leaving behind bottles, empty wrappers, plastic glasses flying around is not great. There is large amount of trash lying on both sides of the road. Leftover of “Good Times”….Probably!! Would you ever do this to  your home? throw empty beer bottles around ? Grow up!!!


2. Heritage walk in Jaipur

Trash lying on Heritage walk way in walled city area of Jaipur.

This picture was clicked at the Heritage walk way in the walled city area of Jaipur. It is enough to put all citizens of Jaipur to embarrassment! Heritage walk way draws many    tourists, everyday. A picture from Jaipur Heritage Walk way. Click here for details.

Tourist would love to see this rather than trash lying all around on Jaipur Heritage Walk way.

Looking at all this filth strewn around is a shame . Local residents  just dump their garbage in front of  their house for the sweepers & cleaners to pick it up. Till the time this clean up takes place, litter sits on the street creating a scene similar to the above picture.  Probably, these people just want to keep their houses clean.  Neighborhood? It’s  not their problem. This reminds me of a YouTube video I came across many months ago of a person living in Mumbai. He would get infuriated with the people throwing trash out of their moving cars on to the road. To teach them a lesson, he would pick up trash thrown by these insensitive people and follow their car to dump it all back in their car! It’s not a bad idea, if it works!!


3. Jal Mahal, Jaipur

This above pictures were clicked at Jal Mahal, famous tourist attraction in Jaipur. It is  popular among tourists by the name of water palace. Here is picture of Jal Mahal along with Mansagar Lake. 

Jal Mahal or water Palace surrounded by Mansagar Lake, Jaipur

 The Mansagar lake surrounding the Jal Mahal   is home to  various species of fishes, birds & turtle.  Many people throw bread, biscuit etc in its water to feed resident  fishes unaware that their action is causing damage to its delicate ecology. You can read the entire story here in this write-up posted earlier. Newspaper reported recently about dying fishes due to water pollution.  

Yes, we need to plant more trees, bring down the pollution levels and so on. Can we at least improve upon environment & things around us ? Make a small change  rather than participating in  press conferences, talk shows etc which makes no difference ? More action and less talks! 

You can read more write on conservation here.

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31 thoughts on “World Environment day/ Things that matter

    1. Humans are similar at some level, although behavior varies depending on educational, religious, cultural factors. I hope things change for good. Thanks for posting your views… Appreciate it!


  1. Can’t agree more. I think people tend to forget that the best way to solve a problem is to find the root cause. It is not a surprise that most of the time, we are the root cause… 😦
    I can give the same exact example here… Same story 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Niken! Thanks for offering your view point. it’s true. Almost all current problems are our own making. But we are so used to comforts that we can’t take harsh measures to resolve. I’ll be happy to know what issues is being faced in your country!


    1. You’re right. my post was intended as a highlighter and representative of rest of cities. I’ll be happy to witness the change. Let’s be positive! 🙂
      Appreciate your point of view ;thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. While i can appreciate a day to focus on our environment. It will not be solved by one day alone. It requires a commitment to ensuring our footprint is minimized. The pictures above. Are not restricted to the city of Jaipur, the state of Rajasthan or the country of India. There are too many other places as ugly from trash. Needlessly and thoughtlessly chucked away. Sometimes, it seems that for every one person trying hard to eliminate such gross mistreatment of the environment. There are ten others that have little conscience. The garbage that is on the land is also magnified ten-fold in our oceans. So, while a day like “world-environment” might be celebrated? We have so little to celebrate over. Rich or poor. We need to focus on how our children’s, children’s, children and what planet will they inherit? Cheers Jamie.

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  3. Hi! It’s a very sad reality that we live in, people love to talk & forward messages than doing something worthwhile.
    Jaipur runners have started a cleaning drive to do what we can. We clean once a week. It’s disturbing when you’re cleaning & people throw stuffs right in front of you. My thinking is if you’re able to make one person change his/her habit then also you’re doing a worthwhile job. We are seeing some positive signs also like we are now getting the support from authorities, people are joining in for drives & Central park is getting less dirty week by week. Here is the link to the facebook page,the group goes by the name of Team clean SSJ:
    Do join if you can. 🙂


    1. Shubham, I’m aware of the cleaning drive undertaken by Jaipur Runners club in Central Park. Great initiative. It’s unfortunate that we all grow in an environment where dumping anything anywhere is a norm..and is considered as a normal practice. What happens when kids watch parents dumping things? They grow up with same practice!
      I was involved in Clean Nahargarh initiative undertaken by a club once. In my opinion, the change will come when people will change their habits. We need drive to educate people. Sure I’ll join in. 🙂


    1. Thank You Gitanjali! I hope people get little sensible with their Outlook towards environment. thank you for your words. I would like to make a request here, just to spread the word kindly share this on social media. I’m sure it’ll make some difference. 🙂


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