Seasons In Aravali Hills Jaipur

These two pictures summarize how Aravali hills in the vicinity of Jaipur looks in two different seasons.

This picture was clicked recently.


And the following picture was clicked during monsoon (rainy) season.


In monsoon, the entire topography changes; it’s all lush green!

And for the rest of the year, these hills don a grey-brown look, waiting for the rains to transform them!

This post is part of  Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

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20 thoughts on “Seasons In Aravali Hills Jaipur

    1. Peter monsoon in this part of the world is quite critical too. Rainy season is preceded by intense summer season with temperature scaling 45-46C. The terrain here is semi arid, hence most of the tree here are quite hardy and are pretty adaptable too. yes the difference is dramatic. thanks for checking it out and commenting! 🙂

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    1. Thank you som! It gets kind of confusing when you have multiple options to choose for posting in response to the WPC. I’m happy that you liked it.


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