Divya Jyoti | Sunrise In Jaipur

It’s November AND the city is getting ready for the winter. The Sun rises late & sets in early! The Sunrise during this period is even more beautiful & majestic!

Have a look at this Sunrise! The light emanating from the Sun is forming a unique pattern, which in some ways resemble the light originating from Deepak or Diya.


If you have ever lived in India it’s not difficult for you to recall the earthen Diya or Deepak being used to decorate the house during the festival of lights – Diwali. These Diyas are lit up and placed in front of the Idols of Lakshmiji from Dhanteras till Diwali. The above picture, in many ways, resembles the light emitted by these Diyas.

Divya Jyoti when translated in English means Divine light. Experiencing such a potent Sunrise is in many ways a divine experience!

By the way, the festival of lights – Diwali is just around the corner! Read how Jaipur celebrates the festival of light – Diwali.

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