Friday Skywatch/ Sunrise/ Nahargarh-the other view

I’m sharing pictures of Nahargarh fort, which has been clicked from a different side.

Usually, the pictures one commonly comes across of the fort, are clicked from the city area. These pictures were clicked while hiking, pretty early in the morning. The route we chose was through a steep ridge, with no clear or demarcated route. I have not come across pictures of Nahargarh fort from this angle, probably because it is off route for most of people. Here are the pictures.

This picture was clicked during blue hours, before the Sunrise.

In this picture, you can see the a small temple located on the hill, just below the fort, with the light emanating from inside. Shot just before the Sunrise, the clouds in the sky  present a  very interesting and beautiful shade of orange-pink.

Nahargarh fort wall ramparts silhouette with lovely cloud formation

In the above picture, with the sun still rising, the sunlight was striking the underside of the clouds, highlighting it beautifully. Against the silhouette of Nahargarh fort rampart, it looked even more beautiful. This picture was clicked approximately 15-20 minutes after the first picture.

Airplane circling above the Nahargarh fort hills, jaipur

This picture was shot almost an hour after the second picture. It’s very common for the flights descending to land at Sanganer Airport in Jaipur to circle over the Nahargarh hills. Often, there is a delay in clearance to land on the airport runway, in which case, passengers can have a beautiful view of these hills from the sky. Shot on one such  occasion.

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