Transition | Drums At Balanand Ji Ka Math Jaipur


This picture depicts the transition in a few of the heritage temples of Jaipur. It was captured in the historic Balanand Ji Ka Math, Jaipur. This temple is closely associated with the history of Jaipur as it was the base of Nagar warriors that fought with the Jaipur army during the 17-18th Century.

Drums. New technology has displaced the traditional ways and methods. Inside the Balanand Ji Ka Math, Chandpol Bazar, Jaipur

The drum on the left was being used for centuries. A person would beat the drum manually with sticks, during the Aarti. (Drums and bell sounds are synonymous with the Aarti).

But now due to manpower issues, the temple authorities have switched to technology! The one on the right side, in saffron color, is powered by the electricity. So all you to do is switch it on during the aarti. It replaces the efforts of 3 persons, one for the drum and two for the bells. Quite Convenient! The automated drum & bell machine has made the traditional drums redundant. However, there are many temples, which still perform the Aarti in the traditional way- no automated machines for drums and bells!

Shot at Sitaram temple situated inside Balanand Ji Ka Math, Jaipur.

This post has been created in response to the Weekly Photo challenge – Transition


6 thoughts on “Transition | Drums At Balanand Ji Ka Math Jaipur

    1. Alok! For a purist, the real thing is preferred over the replacement. it’s quite like hand made vs machine made! But I guess none of us can stop these changes… I will write more about this interesting place, which was once a very important hindu learning Centre too, hosting Naga sadhus who use to fight for the Jaipur state in kings army.

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