Foggy Sunrise In Jaipur

Like the other days, we headed out of town while it was still dark, in pre-dawn hours for a short hike. We wanted to hike to a place that doesn’t witness much of human activity! The ascend was pretty steep at some places & dangerous too! As we hiked up, we found ourselves in midst of fog. Here is a picture clicked on the way.

Fog obscuring the view.

Another view, clicked almost an hour after the above picture.

View at end of hike.

Fog situation cleared a bit, but still no views!! Which meant- no Sunrise picture this time! Fog is not very common in Jaipur, barring few days in December-January. During such days, flights and trains are thrown out of schedule!! Fortunately, our hikes are unaffected!

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15 thoughts on “Foggy Sunrise In Jaipur

  1. You know what – there was heavy fog and rain here yesterday evening and everybody had a hard time going back home.
    My workplace is in the hills and it became all the more daunting for me to get back…i clicked a few pictures on the way (for my Insta account) but couldn’t do so from Washington Rock area, else they would have come exactly the same as yours.

    Good ones from you!

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    1. Oh! Is fog regular feature during this weather? With fog around you to find some nearby subject to focus on because everything else is all covered up. Better luck, next time. Looking forward to your clicks in fog, Alok. 🙂

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