Travel Photo Jaipur At Hawa Mahal

Travel Photo Jaipur recently concluded in Jaipur. The festival included both the open-air exhibition of pictures in large frames at various historical monuments in Jaipur, shot by famous photographers from around the world as well as talks & interactive sessions at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). The open-air exhibition was held for over two weeks starting from the first week of February 2016. On the other hand, the interactive talks were restricted to merely three days. In this first part, I’m posting pictures of the exhibition at Hawa Mahal. It included two sections. Section one was by a South African photographer, Gideon Mendel who traveled across the world to places hit by floods for photographing people. The project is called The Drowning World.  The second section was to include the setup of a photo booth/studio by an Indian photographer Aradhana Seth. Unfortunately, it was missing from the venue on day 1. Instead, this section had pictures by another Indian photographer, Serena Chopra under the series The Ancients-Bhutan Diaries.

Pictures from section 1.

Frames showing pictures shot by photographer Gideon Mendel in his series The Drowning World, right at the entrance of Hawa Mahal complex. Travel Photo Jaipur
Pictures shot by photographer Gideon Mendel in his series, The Drowning World on display at Hawa Mahal complex in Travel Photo Jaipur
From the series, The Drowning World by photographer Gideon Mendel at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur. Travel Photo Jaipur.
A small write-up about the photographer Gideon Mendel at Travel Photo Jaipur festival at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Pictures from section 2.

travel photo jaipur 2016 photography festival in jaipur jaipurthrumylens-serena-chopra-bhutan-diaries
Place marked for photo studio by Aradhana Seth at Hawa Mahal. Travel Photo Jaipur.
photography exhibition travel photo jaipur at hawa mahal complex february 2016 jaipurthrumylens-bhutan-diaries
The ancients- Bhutan Diaries by photographer Serena Chopra. Pictures on display at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur. Travel Photo Jaipur
I like the way pictures fill up the corridor. The ancients-Bhutan Diaries by photographer  Serena Chopra. Travel Photo Jaipur
photography -exhibition-at-jaipur-in-hawa-mahal-travel-photo-jaipur-serena-chopra-jaipurthrumylens
pictures by photographer Serena Chopra under the project – The Ancients- Bhutan Diaries. Travel Photo Jaipur.
travel photo jaipur festival 2016 at hawa mahal complex jaipurthrumylens-the-ancients-serena-chopra
The section marked for the photo booth at Travel Photo Jaipur photography festival in Hawa Mahal, Jaipur
At Hawa Mahal complex during the Travel Photo Jaipur photography exhibition.

All these exhibits were inside the Hawa Mahal complex. The pictures shown here are not inside the main section of Hawa Mahal, but rather in the driveway with the entrance from Tripolia Bazaar not far from the Badi Chaupar.

The efforts to start a new festival in Jaipur are highly appreciable. Jaipur has never been exposed to such a photography festival, ever! We do need more such contemporary festivals along the lines of the Jaipur Literature Festival, Jairangam-theater festival, or Art Summit.

The open air  exhibition  at Hawa Mahal left the tourists wondering as to what these frames with pictures are all about?  At the same time, the  photo studio which was meant to get your picture clicked with a backdrop of Hawa Mahal, was missing on inaugural day! 

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14 thoughts on “Travel Photo Jaipur At Hawa Mahal

  1. I was wondering too! That everyone stood in water didn’t exactly explain the theme…and what you say about the arrangements…the photo studio, makes for a sad story. What a beautiful idea but gone to waste because of poor organization!

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    1. Joy! Yes the missing photo booth was a let down, but rest of the things were quite okay. Will post more about that. yes, in general for a layman it’s difficult to understand what these frames were all about. while they were intended to be displayed as it was, I’m sure there was a better way to explain what it was all about. Thanks for checking it out!


    1. You’re quite right. after you mentioned this, I recalled that all pictures that I have seen which predates 1940’s you’ll not find many people smiling. I guess Photography was taken differently. or some other reason! Completely opposite of selfie!!

      Liked by 1 person

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