Travel photo Jaipur /Travel postcards exhibition /Pt II

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As a part of Travel photo Jaipur festival, display of old travel postcards (in large poster sizes) at Maharajah school of Arts  crafts, kishanpole bazar,Jaipur was also organized on 5th & 6th Feb 2016. It was curated by  AkShay Mahajan, an artist from Mumbai.

To read part 1 click here

Beautiful heritage building which dates back 150 years -Maharajah School of Arts & crafts, venue of travel postcard exhibition for Travel Photo festival in Jaipur

Akshay Mahajan has been collecting old travel postcards,many of them  dating back to pre-independence era.

Akshay Mahajan. At travel Photo Jaipur festival , Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur

He was quite fixed on this venue from the day, the idea of this festival was proposed to him. Maharajah school of arts & craft buiding, the venue for this exhibition has been closed for quite some years. The building is more than 150 years old. Originally, a residence of an influential rich man,  it was converted  to school of arts and crafts to promote local art and artists, under the  patronage of Maharajah Sawai Ram Singh II.


Akshay Mahajan  used the open courtyard inside the building to display travel postcards printed in large sizes. Prominently, on  display were French series of India travel postcard, dating to early 1900’s .

Travel postcards displayed at Maharajah School of Arts and crafts, Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur. At Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016
Visitors at Photo Exhibition of Akshay Mahajan at Maharajah School of Arts & crafts, Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur. At Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016
Close up shot of enlarged copies of Travel Postcard prints. Travel Photo Jaipur Festival, Jaipur 2016

The place was unkempt as it has been closed for last few years. It was opened up to host Akshay’s  exhibition for Travel Photo Jaipur festival. Years of  negligence & lack of maintenance was evident, everywhere at the venue.

Inside Maharajah school of arts & crafts,Kishanpole Bazar Jaipur. Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016
Xerox of travel postcards on display at Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016
Some more copies of travel postcards. At Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016

Akshay Mahajan was sporting a loose Kurta & Pajama paired with a woolen sleeveless Nehru jacket. It’s a dressing quite synonymous with the artists.

Akshay Mahajan showing around his collection to the visitors. At Travel Photo Jaipur exhibition 2016.
One of the visitors, flipping through Akshay’s personal collection of rare travel postcards. Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016

Akshay was kind enough in offering visitors to flip through his original & rare collection of travel postcards.

Akshay stamping out copies of original travel postcards meant for sale to the visitors. At Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016

In all, it’s a new contemporary festival that authorities and the current Government of Rajasthan  would like to promote, in line with their new tourism shift and promotion campaign kick started recently . It’s really interesting to come across people like Akshay Mahajan who are passionate about their collection and kind enough to share them out with people. It was interesting to interact with him and gain a new perspective. Looking forward to Travel Photo Jaipur 2017!

Akshay Mahajan, posing with few local boys. Travel Photo Jaipur festival 2016
Few old travel postcards. At Travel Photo Jaipur 2016 festival
Travel Postcards for sale at Travel Photo Jaipur 2016.

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