5 Popular Jaipur Blog Post On Jaipurthrumylens In 2016

The year 2016 is about to end and it’s a good time to share with you the most popular posts of the year. I’m restricting the list to 5 only.

Heritage Palace in Naila village.

1.    Naila-A village tucked away in time/ walkthrough

My visit to Naila village was a  hiking trip, but with a very steep gradient and a surface full of gravel, it was more than hiking. We were quite lucky that we didn’t meet any fall or slip. To make matters worse, the air around the village was full of smog and pollution denying us of any great views, thanks to the hundreds of brick making units that surround Naila village. Read- Naila-A village tucked away in time/ walkthrough

Tourist enjoying elephant ride on their way up in Amer Palace, Jaipur

2. Insider’s guide to 5 Must see places in Jaipur / In a day

Many travelers would often pose me a question on how to best explore Pink City, being a resident of Jaipur. While there can be many permutations and combinations, I have tried to make sure that the must-visit tourist attractions in Jaipur are all covered here in this post. Read: Insider’s guide to 5 Must see places in Jaipur / In a day

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Automobile installation by an artist at the Cartist Jaipur exhibition.

3. Cartist Automobile Art Festival Jaipur/ Exhibition

Cartist Automobile Art Exhibition was one of its kind, to date. Unique automobile art was on display at a lovely site, in front of the World Trade Park, Jaipur. People who read this story were amazed at creativity on display at Cartist. Read: Cartist Automobile Art Festival Jaipur/ Exhibition


4. Travel Photo Jaipur /Travel postcards exhibition /Pt II

Travel Postcard Exhibition under the Travel Photo Jaipur was probably one of the best exhibitions I attended in 2016. This exhibition provided me an opportunity to visit Rajasthan School of Arts which is a 150-year-old building but it’s been shut for the last many years. Akshay Mahajan, the presenter & conveyor did a fabulous work right from selection of the site for exhibition to organizing and promotion of Travel Photo Jaipur exhibition despite tight budgets and being a single army. Read-  Travel Photo Jaipur /Travel postcards exhibition /Pt II


5. Pol / Gates in Jaipur

Pol or City Gates of Jaipur also called Jaipur Gates are one of the distinguishing features of the walled city area of Jaipur. It’s not that these gates are exclusive to Jaipur but they have a grandeur and commanding presence which is hard to find in other cities. Apart from this, one can find different versions of Pols throughout the walled city of Jaipur. Subsequent to this post, I also wrote the following post: Old city Gates of Jaipur. This post has details on all major gates of the walled city area of Jaipur. Read – Pol / Gates in Jaipur

If you haven’t read them, it’s good time to do so. Also read the related post: 2015/Reflections- Top Posts

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25 thoughts on “5 Popular Jaipur Blog Post On Jaipurthrumylens In 2016

  1. Once I missed my Rajdhani Express and had to travel Delhi to Ahmedabad by Bus. That was an exciting journey because I got to see the entire width of Rajasthan that fell on the route. We also crossed Jaipur then 🙂

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  2. Quite an interesting set of posts there. I remember reading some of them. Year end makes us all a little contemplative. 🙂 Congratulations of completing 2 years of blogging! Hope the new year brings in a lot more travels in and around Jaipur!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheryl thanks for the compliment. Technically, I’ll complete two years after three months but I’ll accept your good wishes. 🙂
      Wishing you both a happy holiday! Just guessing… You guys will probably choose some quiet and interesting place to celebrate New Year!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a little early, I guess. This year, we went for a short break to Pyeongchang (the venue of the 2018 winter Olympics) last weekend. New Year’s will be at home, with the heater on, and movie binging! Haha! We’re really boring. And, it’s snowing here. How about you?


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