The Path And The Journey

As we come close to the end of the year, it gives us enough time to think and ponder about our path in the coming years. We are all different and unique – a different set of choices, directions, and ways. In essence, we all have undertaken a different journey. Posting here, pictures from Jaipur depicting different contemplation of the paths.

One of the trails in the Jhalana Wildlife Forest, Jaipur.

For some of us, the path is rough and unpaved! The picture was shot in Jhalana Forest famous for the Jhalana Leopard Safari. Jhalana is India’s first wildlife park to offer Leopard Safari with a high rate of Leopard sightings.


Heritage in ruins!

For many of us, the path is uphill. This picture was captured at one of the ruined forts in Jaipur. Jaipur has many forts, while some are famous others are not. Jaipur has witnessed many battles with Marathas. Marathas were mercenaries who attacked Jaipur for ransom during the 18th century. These wars led to a huge expense and loss of wealth. There are many forts in the vicinity of Jaipur dying a slow death because they served their purpose.



For the lucky ones, the path is fast, easy and devoid of any major issues.

Captured under the metro-line in Jaipur.

School run by the Vatsalya, the NGO on the outskirts of Jaipur.

For some of us, the path is long and tiring but we do have target insight during our journey.

This picture was captured at a school for orphans in Jaipur run by Vatsalya during an approaching sand storm. Vatsalya is an NGO in Jaipur with an orphanage and school for less fortunate kids. Read more about Vatsalya in The resilient childhood.

On way to Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple, Jaipur

For some of us, the path is not easy, but there are no obstacles either

This picture was captured on way to the Shri Digamber Atishay Jain Temple at Choolgiri, Jaipur.

Trekking through the forest land and hills near Jaipur

Few of us choose a difficult path because we love this journey. It’s a deliberate choice!

This picture was captured during one of the treks near Jaipur. Read more about the best trekking places in Jaipur.

Let’s enjoy this journey, whatever our paths might be, for there are unique experiences & interesting people on our way. What do you think?

The path that leads to the Jagat Shiromani Temple, near Amber Fort, Jaipur. Amer

The above picture was first posted in  Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagat Shiromani is one of the most beautiful temples in Jaipur built during the 16th century by Maharaja Man Singh I in Amer. Jagat Shiromani Temple is known as the Meera Bai temple because it has an idol worshiped by Meera Bai. Who was Meera Bai? Meera Bai was a devotee of Lord Krishna from the 16th century in Mewar. She was a Rajput persecuted by her in-laws. There are many stories surrounding her life.

This post is inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge – Path.

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53 thoughts on “The Path And The Journey

  1. Lovely photos of the different paths, all unique and intriguing in their own way. Your commentary – linking your photos to our choice of paths through the coming year and the experiences they may bring – is very appropriate and thought-provoking. For some of us the paths will undoubtedly be rough and challenging, and a good test of our perseverance. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Millie. Life is a big surprise in itself. There are no warnings or tips. It has to be lived and experienced. The kind of path we will be thrown up with is unknown and there are no options. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Millie. 🙂


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