2015/Reflections- Top Posts…

I started blogging in March 2015 with this blog. My interest in blogging sphere first generated in 2008. But after signing up on WordPress as well as Google/Blogspot, I never took a step ahead. Why? It remains unknown to me…even till this date!!

I decided early this year, to start blogging on “experimental basis” using WordPress since I found WordPress as the best Blogging platform. It has a superior interface, huge theme options to choose from and very active & engaging WordPress community!

The blogging journey has been Superb!! It opened up a different world with new blogger friends! In sum, the results have far exceeded my expectations.

I have written 134 posts so far (in 2015!)…This is 135th!

Let me share few of the top posts of Jaipurthrumylens in 2015!

1. Tao Experiences, Jaipur…..Adventure! 


2. Heritage Walk in Jaipur/ Square by foot


3.Unique heritage walks of Jaipur / Nahargarh water walk


4. Kalki Temple, Jaipur! …. A Unique Gem!

kalki temple jaipur

5. Jagat Shiromani Temple, Jaipur

jagat shiromani temple front view

I have restricted the top list to include only five in numbers, although there are many more popular posts among 134 !!

Btw, I never knew that these will turn out to be the most read blog posts!!

Link to : My favorite pictures on Jaipurthrumylens in 2015!


17 thoughts on “2015/Reflections- Top Posts…

    1. Thanks Mick! I would like to extend special thanks to you for making a post on my blog. … I’m happy to know that you’ve spent some time in Jaipur. I’m sure the agenda of exploring Jaipur which couldn’t be covered then will rank high in your next trip! Many thanks… Happy blogging in 2016 !

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